Sunday 17 June 2012

Couch to 5k - week three

Finally a breakthrough!

I had mentioned last week I was really struggling with stiff sore legs, so I was a bit worried going into week three. Luckily things improved almost overnight and I felt SO much better on Monday!

This week stepped things up gradually again - this time the longest I ran for was 3 minutes. Again, this is nothing to a proper runner, but I'm not a proper runner so it's a big step for me! I'm really pleased with how sensible this programme is, and would massively recommend it if you would like to start running but are worried about being rubbish! Every increase has been totally doable, so I totally trust the programme now - if it says I'll be able to run 5k in eight weeks, then okay, I believe it too.

Summary of week three:
+ definitely noticing an increase in my endurance - bit by bit I am getting better.
+ motivation is at an all time high - even went for a run on Saturday night in the HORRENDOUS RAIN.
+ I think I'm sleeping better too!

- the rain appears to be never-ending. Running in wet shoes ain't pleasant.

All in all, a good week!


  1. Keep it up! :) I think three weeks is where most people plateau with new exercise or fitness regimes so keep going! xxx

  2. Well done! That's some dedication to go running in the pouring rain. I started running 2 years ago when my friends roped me in to doing Race for Life, and although I found it really hard at first it's the best thing I've ever done and I still go running now.


  3. Love it! keep 'er lit girl! (Northern Irish for keep it up) x

  4. Wow you're doing so well, I'm sure I'd have given up by now! Good luck for this week! XxxX


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