Friday 15 June 2012

Starting a new garden

One of the things that was most important to me when we were looking to buy a house was garden space. Ideally as much as possible, but just SOMETHING - anything would be better than the concrete communal jungle that belonged to our old flat.

So when we found our house and saw that it had a nice bit of space behind it, all seemed perfect. I was daydreaming of letting Riley outside, having BBQs in the summer & chilling in the sunshine on lazy weekend days.

This is what we got:

Picturesque, huh? Ha. This was okay though, as it really was as close to a blank canvas as you could get. We were also in the super lucky position that we had avoided paying stamp duty at the last possible minute, which gave us a little bit of extra budget to get things kick-started.

After eight weeks things are looking a little more like this...

We have replaced the tiny fences with ones that offer much more privacy, added decking to our wee sun trap in the corner, have lots of lovely lawn space (which looks patchy because we started cutting it & then got scuppered by the rain.. hopefully the sun will come out sometime soon!), and a big plant bed.

It turns out that plants are really quite expensive (!) so we took advantage of my kind parents by taking cuttings from our favourite plants in their garden. I then surrounded these with bedding plants (3 packs for £9 in Dobbies, bargain!) which will hopefully flower soon.

Flower and STRAWBERRY hanging baskets

I've also planted a few hanging baskets (my life is so exciting, I know). I actually took step by step photos of how to do this, but wasn't sure if that would quite fit into this blog - please let me know if anyone is interested in seeing this!

There's still loads to do.. but bit by bit it is getting there! The next step on the list is to try and buy a tree to go in the top corner and to find pretty solar-powered fairy lights (that don't cost the earth).


  1. Aww this looks lovely, such beautiful flowers!! XxxX

  2. What a cute little space, good job! And when the summer comes you could find the cutest little outdoor setting to drink cups of tea in the sun on! I can't wait for my own space to do something like this with!

  3. WOW! You have completely transformed that space! It looks lovely! xxx

  4. Amazing! I am on a floral escape myself. Loving the ideas very pretty.


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