Wednesday 20 June 2012

Picks of the Edinburgh Int Film Festival

The film festival launches today (which means summer festival season has officially started, hooray hooray!). There's quite a few things that I want to see this year, but I thought it would be fun to make a list of the films that I will DEFINITELY be buying a ticket for.


Showing 22nd June, 10:45pm & 25th June, 9pm
When a trawler is attacked, and the shore is found littered with dead marine life, something is clearly wrong on Erin Island. There must be a reasonable explanation... or could it be an invasion of bloodsucking aliens from outer space? Featuring an endearing lead performance from Richard Coyle, (also to be seen in Pusher), Grabbers is an exciting, light-hearted “monster movie” that affectionately tips its hat to everything that ever fell from the sky, or crawled from the sea onto a cinema screen.
It's a monster movie! I love monster movies! The EIFF have quite a good history of showing monster movies in recent years (Monsters in 2010 & Troll Hunter in 2011), so I've got pretty high hopes for this one.


Showing 23rd June, 11.25pm & 24th June, 5.20pm
At a remote medical compound, a group of strangers begin clinical trials of an experimental drug called Pro-9. As the drug's sinister, unexpected side-effects begin to take hold, the terrified volunteers find themselves trapped, isolated, and in mortal danger. This atmospheric, claustrophobic horror-thriller is the debut feature from EIFF 2008 Trailblazer Ian Clark. Strong performances and a fast-paced edit add to the menacing tone, and an intelligent script lifts proceedings to spine-chilling proportions.
Even though I'm the world's biggest wimp, I am a bit addicted to watching scary films (and then doing Craig's head in by being utterly freaked out for the rest of the night). Anyway, this looks fun! It's a classic oooh-look-they're-all-stuck-in-a-small-place horror.


This engaging comedy probes the loneliness beneath the decorous surface of contemporary Japan. Every day Sayoko pushes a cart along a river, renting out cats to lonely people in order to fill the empty spaces in their hearts. Somehow Sayoko herself, though she has no trouble attracting felines, has a hard time finding human love. “A film made for cat lovers that will no doubt win over the hearts of anyone who's ever felt a yearning for unconditional companionship” (Patrick Gamble, Cine-Vue).
This is a bit of a no-brainer, it looks lovely. It's a film about cats!

4. V/H/S

Showing 28th June, 11.20pm & 30th June, 10pm
A gang is hired to break into a desolate house and steal a rare VHS cassette. Inside they encounter a problem when they discover a corpse in front of a television, surrounded by... hundreds of videotapes. As they start to search through the recordings, some truly disturbing stories begin to unfold... Providing the indelible last word in “found footage” horror, this cleverly devised anthology, written and directed by a selection of new and rising genre talent, is contemporary cinema at its most frightening.
 AHH. This looks a bit terrifying. I think I will love/hate it.


Showing 30th June, 8.15pm
A grand adventure full of heart, memorable characters and signature Pixar humour, Brave uncovers a new tale in the mysterious Highlands of Scotland. Headstrong Merida (voice of Kelly Macdonald) a skilled archer and impetuous daughter of King Fergus (Billy Connolly) and Queen Elinor (Emma Thompson), defies an age-old custom and inadvertently unleashes chaos, forcing her to discover the meaning of true bravery before it's too late.
 Well obviously I am looking forward to Brave... I did specially themed nail art and everything!

Tickets can be bought at or from one of their box offices in the Filmhouse, Cameo, Cineworld or Festival Theatre.


  1. These look like great films, I hope you have a lovely time! XxxX

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  3. This sounds great! I wish we he film festivals near my home, but apparently I live in a rural area that isn't interested in such things. Too bad! :)

    Also, I am super excited to see Brave! My husband and I love Pixar movies and we have been waiting to see this one for a while!

  4. Woah, so many great films on here! I love getting film recommendations - I'm a BIG horror movie fan. I loved Trollhunter so loving the look of Grabbers. In London there is a film festival called Frightfest which is just horror films - I go every year, it's the best! xoxo


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