Monday 25 June 2012

Dr Martens

Quick question - are Dr Martens worth it?

I recently had to bin (R.I.P.) my favourite stompy ankle boots (which probably wasn't too  much of a surprise as they were £12 from Primark), so I've been swithering about what to replace them with. I thought that it would be a purchase that could happily wait until after the summer, but what summer? (The weather has been APPALLING. Bad show Scotland).

Highlighted shoes are: 1. 1460 (which has a liberty print inside!) | 2. Joyce | 3. 1461 | 4. Pascal

I've been on the hunt for a decent replacement for months - and keep coming back to Dr Martens. They are fairly pricey boots (definitely a notch up from a £12 Primark number!) but are built to really last. I bet they wouldn't fall apart on a dreicht day!

I've picked out a few pairs that I reckon could easily work in my wardrobe, and have tried to avoid the lure of bright red shoes or flower prints (ha!) as this is a sensible pair of shoes. I'm such a grown up these days (let's not talk about my zombie shoes right now).


  1. Dr Martens are SO worth it, I've never had more comfy shoes and they look great too! I started sensibly with a grey pair but now I mostly wear my purple polkadot docs and recently ordered a pink pair as well. Love all the ones I had and all of them still looks as new, my shoes usually falls apart after just a few months.

    Bad weather or not, I still envy you for being in Scotland right now! Wish I could live there but will have to settle for visiting as often as I can (:

  2. They are most definitely worth it! My parents bought me and my sister a pair when we were both 12/13 and I still have both pairs because my sister didn't like them and my folks bought them a size bigger so we'd have them for ages. I'm currently 23 and wear my docs all the time. This year my husband bought me a black pair so I could wear them with more things as my other two pairs are cherry red and purple. You'll have them for ages, and they're super duper comfortable!


  3. SO worth it! They last forever and don't wear out especially if you get a pair with steel toe caps, mine have survived many festivals and concerts!

  4. I'm a bit split on this one....on one hand I bloody love them. They are funky, comfy and definitely more hard waring than most shoes. Years ago I never has any problems with them and wore them thin I wore them that much. But I decided to reinvest in a pair of the calf boots (14 eyelets up one side) and the tongue ripped almost off after only 10 ish wears. Gutted!! After a bit of research there is a debate that the manufacture of the shoes did move out of the UK and people reported a decline in the quality, but if I'm correct they may have brought it back??

    Overall would I buy another pair?? Probably, ha! I just love the styles and variation they offer.....

  5. If people don't adore these beauties there is something wrong with them! Love their new patterned ones, so cute! XxxX

  6. Thanks for the comments everyone - it has helped massively! x


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