Friday 30 September 2011

Jane Eyre

Yesterday I went to the cinema with my pals to see the new version of Jane Eyre. I don't mean to be a moan, but it's the same old film-from-book rant, isn't it?

I really loved Jane Eyre at uni. At the time I was starting to read more gothic fiction (which in the end, became half of my dissertation) and really liked that side to it. If you haven't read it, give it a go! There is mystery and intrigue and genuinely scary goings on. & then under all that you've got a massively confusing relationship with a man who is horrible and not bonnie (but somehow still quite appealing and gruff and interesting). Your protagonist is a girl who doesn't care that she's plain or people think she's plain, she's still going to tell it as she sees it, thank you very much. It's good!

So when I saw this trailer.. well, I was quite intrigued.

It's creepy! It's Jane Eyre, but given more of a gothic horror edge! It's not just a sappy take on the relationship! It's going to be great!

Oh. Well. Sorry. It clearly wasn't meant to be. It is getting pretty good reviews, so if you like period dramas and aren't a MASSIVE GOTHIC FICTION FAN with (clearly ridiculous) DREAMS OF A HORROR REMAKE then you'll probably like it. Even just for the scene where she nestles her face across his jodhpur-clad thigh (this happens). Or the part where he wears the most ridiculous hat (this happens).

I tried to find a photo of one of his Jane Eyre hats, but failed. This is pretty much on the same level though. Good god. 
On the plus side, both my friends and the older ladies behind us all laughed inappropriately at some of the ridiculous scenes (particularly the hat-wearing ones). & Michael Fassbender pranced around for two hours on a massive screen. There are worst ways to spend a Thursday!

& onto something completely different... I did my first guest blog post today! It's over on French for Cupcake and is me professing my love for roller derby. Claire's a fellow derby girl who has a lovely blog, so go and check it out! Ta!

Have a lovely weekend. I have only THREE sleeps to go until we go on holiday, so excitement is building!


  1. I love the book and was quite tempted to go see it in the cinema. it sounds quite disappointing though. :( and well done on your guest post i love french for cupcake.

    -Ani xx

  2. Film adaptations can never ever live up to the book!

  3. Ani - thanks very much! I feel bad for putting you off, I think I was just expecting faaar too much from it. x

    Cherry - I did LOVE lord of the rings though!

  4. I have yet to read Jane Eyre or see the movie, which is a shame because I really love Gothic fiction. Yeah, Michael Fassbender isn't all that bad to look at. The first movie I saw him in, I rushed home to look him up on because I thought he was so dreamy. Did I really just say dreamy? Oh well, he is a tad dreamy.

    I love roller derby as well, I really need to go watch some sassy ladies on skates.


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