Friday 23 September 2011

Going to the seaside

Yesterday I bought a pair of lovely black fleecy-lined ankle boots. They are incredibly cosy. I think that means that winter is definitely on its way (although judging by the weather this week I think it's actually already here). & that then means that this post is horrendously out of date. Sorry about that. Life is speeding by this month, and I thought the good weather would last a tiny bit longer than it has.

Anyway. Mere weeks ago, Craig and I took advantage of the warm weather (warm enough to go outside without a jacket!) and headed over to the beach. Portobello was pretty popular way-back-when as Edinburgh's beach resort, and seems to be a little stuck in the past (it even still has a Wimpy!), but it is definitely worth a gander. Ignore the depressing "arcade" and focus on the sea, and the lovely pubs.

I've been to the Espy a few times and I think the reason I love it so much is that it covers so many bases. There's a restaurant for lovely burgers and local specials. There's a bar (that is dog-friendly) for cosy pints. There's sofas and scrabble for lazy afternoon chilling. It's on the beach too!

Craig's veggie burger!
Badly-taken photo. I was excited to eat.
When we went there was a problem with the kitchen, so we were restricted to veggie & chicken burgers or the specials (which suited us perfectly). The chicken burger was GORGEOUS. Massive and tender and only £8.95. Mmm. If you are on the look out for hearty pub food that hasn't just been microwaved then it is definitely worth a trip!

After our food we forced ourselves to move (pretending that we weren't actually full) so we could swing by  the Beach House for some amazing ice cream. I had mint choc chip & chocolate. Craig had hazelnut and something that tasted just like viennetta (mmm). 

This is a Brave Face. At this point the wind had picked up and it was starting to get really cold. Still, we are Scottish and are used to making the best of a cold situation. So we sat on the beach and watched loads of dogs play on the sand, even braver people going into the sea, and a (very worried) child limping past with a gushing bleeding foot (they were escorted by a parent, don't worry). Ahh, the sea. So scary.

But pretty. In under two weeks time I'll be near another beach (which will hopefully look like these)! Until then it is cosy boots and duffle coat time... Brr.


  1. aww i love going to the beach when it's cold! i always have more fun. x

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  3. Wow that veggie burger looks lovely!

    I took my sis to Portobello beach when I lived in Edinburgh back in 2010 and we thought it was so scary, haha:) we didn´t exactly pick a good day to go though, the weather was so bad and it was all grey and dark...but it had certain amazing feel to it I´ve gotta say. I can imagine that on a sunny day, it must be quite lovely x

  4. Haha, yeah Porty can be a bit weird! Still there are nice bits and it's lovely when it's warm and there's loads of people there paddling. x


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