Wednesday 21 September 2011


I was working at a student lock in last night, and it was funny to think how much things have changed since I was in their shoes - seventeen, living in the city for the first time, being a bit scared of everything! I've now been in my job longer than I was at university, which is a bit mad. Craig & I have been a couple for almost as long as I was in high school!

Anyway, part of my job at the lock in (other than muse about my old student days and marvel at how STYLISH and young they all seem to be?) was to hand out this guide (aka the reason life was very, very busy at the end of August).

If you are a student then you should pick one up because they are really good (I'm not biased) and have loads of amazing offers and competitions (I'm not biased) and look really pretty (I'm not biased).

Plus, my face is in it (I am biased about this bit). Hiya!

The tea stains are printed on the page. I'm not just mucky.

The recipe is a condensed version of this one for the easiest cupcakes in the world (which is also the most viewed post on my blog so far!). Phew.

For good measure, this is what I looked like as a student (and is one of the least embarrassing photos I found, ha).

Check out the amazing pink eyeshadow combo, with matching necklace. Hahaha. Oh, dear. I did enjoy having dark hair though!


  1. LOVE the eyeshadow. Old photos are so funny.

  2. Yes, it was quite cringe worthy going through them!

  3. Haha, I miss the days of being a student. I had that exact same necklace, it was loved dearly until it broke in half one day. Agree about how well dressed students seem to be these days, I'm sure I went to a lot of lectures in jeans and a hoodie and didn't think anything of it!x

  4. Yeah, I lived in jeans for all of uni! x


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