Monday 5 September 2011

Moleskine drawings

Years ago I used to draw. All the time. It was one of my very favourite things to do. I had a moleskine that I carried with me everywhere, and would draw outside almost every week. Z8864JKECP65

And then I stopped. I'm not sure why. I think I was just about to graduate, so life was super busy... then I got a "real" job, so life was even busier... and then it just wasn't something I did everyday.

But at the weekend I found my old moleskine and realised just how much I missed it! I wasn't particularly good, but I liked it, and that's important. So I am going to make time and try again, and make an effort to not be put off when it doesn't come easily (I think I've forgotten how).

I will start by buying this! Wish me luck.


  1. These are really good :)
    I Like the horse.
    I did art for a level, so it kinda took the fun out of drawing for me.

  2. Aw, thanks.

    Yeah, I can imagine. I did art as a higher and was very lucky that my teachers allowed me to draw what I liked... a few of my friends had to do modules that I'd have hated!

  3. These are really really good! I find doing creative-type things really relaxing, I wish I made more time to do it.

  4. Those are fantastic drawings!

  5. what are you talking about not good? fabulous drawings - very talented!


  6. these are amazing, don't give up with talent like this!


  7. omg.... o_O
    you're so good at drawing! :O :)

  8. Woah, thank you all so much!


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