Friday 9 September 2011


Pets are just the BEST, aren't they? I thought it was time to dedicate a post to the wonder that is Riley, because, well. Look at him.

We first got Riley way back in the summer of 2008. It was quite a weird situation - I got a message on gumtree from a woman who said she was having to give up her twelve week old kitten for "personal reasons", and when I asked more about him she tried to get us to collect him the next morning (without asking anything about us!). Hmm. But by this time all common sense had flown out of the window, so we drove over to Fife to collect a fluffy tiny little kitten and take him home.

We were his FOURTH home in the twelve weeks of his wee life.

First day in his new house. So much fluff.

We took him to the vet almost immediately for a kitten check up, and it turned out we'd bought a sick kitten, who was suffering really bad from cat flu and had to go straight onto antibiotics (& our vet was horrified that he'd not had any drugs before!). He was absolutely covered in fleas (which can be really dangerous for a tiny  animal!). He also had no sense of smell because he was so blocked up with the cold, and to this day he still has problems with his eye (which seems to be permanently damaged).

Tiny cat & boyfriend bonding

He's been on and off eye drops and tested for FIV and cat herpes (bless him), but is now as fit and healthy as he's going to be. He's very careful when he jumps or pounces (we think his depth perception is slightly off because of his eye problem), but has adapted to this brilliantly, and still tears round the house and pounces on our feet.

Grown up cat

We ignored all the advice we'd been given by buying a sick animal, but I have no regrets. He's happy and healthy and safe with us. I love him.


  1. aw what a cute cat great pictures too the gif is hilarious haha sounds like you're taking great care of him :) xx

  2. Aww, Riley is such a cutie! Such a shame his previous owners let him get so sick, but at least he has a lovely home now with you :) x

  3. Aww, Riley is so adorable! Poor little kitten sounds like he had it rough before he came to your home.

    My family and I found an orange kitten in 2003 that was really sick and covered in fleas, now he is healthy as a horse and still cute as ever.


  4. Aww bless. I'm glad he is okay now! x


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