Monday 3 October 2011

Leaving on a jetplane

Oh goodness, it's so exciting! This afternoon I'm getting the train down to London and we're flying out to the US of A tomorrow morning.

Source: flickr
It feels like the holiday has rolled around so quickly! Because it was booked early in the summer and July and August were so crazy it's almost like I forgot we were going away, so it just seemed to hit me last week that the holiday was so soon! (I think my colleagues were happy about this too. I've been the least-excitable I ever have been in the run up to a holiday, and got a "well done" for this at work. Ha ha).

So we're off to Florida for 14 days, staying in a lovely apartment near Celebration. It's going to be a chilled and (shamelessly) child-like two weeks! We're going to go to the theme parks, the Kennedy Space Center (so so excited), gigs, beaches (so Craig can go surfing), malls, and more! I'm going to eat so much tasty American food!

It feels really nice that we're going back to Orlando - it was the first holiday that Craig & I went on when we'd only been together for a year. I've been looking at our photos from the first holiday, and it's obvious that we are a good match.. we are as idiotic as each other. Aww.

In 2007. We will probably take the same photo this year.

I've set up some scheduled posts while I'm away so the blog won't be too quiet, but I'll obviously not be able to reply to any comments until I'm back. Thanks for reading though... see you on the other side!


  1. Im sure you'l have a great time! I love Florida so much! Me and my boyfriend have been there on vacation 3 times! And yes, the food is a great part of traveling to the US! :)

  2. Thanks - it was absolutely amazing! x

  3. I hope you had a great holiday, what parks did you go to in Orlando? I went to Orlando a few years ago and had the loveliest time at Epcot World Showcase, the Japanese restaurant there was quite good.

    I love the picture of you two posing next to the shark, so cute.


  4. Thanks, it was brilliant!

    We went to Disneyworld, MGM, Islands of Adventure, Universal Studios, Typhoon Lagoon and Kennedy Space Centre (not really a park, I know). Loads of fun - I want to go back! x


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