Monday 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween!

I've gone a little mad in my halloween posting over the last few days (you can see everything under the tag if you like) but I love it - the costumes, the make up, the baking, the crafts, everything! It's an excellent excuse to act like a child and just have fun with friends.

I've been horrendously unorganised this year (I ended up baking NOTHING in the end, I am so ashamed) & pretty much didn't know my party plans until the very last minute.. but we ended up getting some friends round for charades, Beyonce singalongs and late night fun. This is what it looked like.

My cat pumpkin, Craig's panda pumpkin, Halloween spread (all bought, ugh! I did "decorate" the ghost marshmallows though!).


Jude was a zom-bee, Craig went all sugarskully (I did his make up and was quite chuffed with it!), Brig rocked my purple wig, Rae was a murderous butcher, Niki was a spooky, er, spook & I did zombie make up (with a bit more blood!).

We played sort-of-made-up-but-fun halloween group charades, sang really loudly (sorry neighbours), danced (sorry neighbours) and went to bed way too late. Fun fun fun.

Hope you had a good weekend too!


  1. Ohhhh I do love your zombie outfit, looks like such a fun party!


  2. Awesome photos! It looked like you had an amazing time & I adore those pumpkins!

    Leigh xo

  3. haha! theylook great! cool! pumpkins!
    Poppy xx

  4. haha, looks like you had a good night! :) xoxo


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