Monday 10 October 2011

Lovely things in my house

This year Craig & I have been looking into the (terrifying) world of mortgages and trying to actually buy a house (eee), and it's been quite easy to get carried away about the things I'd love in a future house: a garden, a separate kitchen (with loads of room to bake!), space to store our ridiculous collection of things, & a quiet enough area that Riley could be allowed outside.

But sometimes it's nice to sit in the flat when it's clean and cosy and nice and appreciate the wee nook we have in a very busy part of Edinburgh. It somehow manages to fit all of our possessions, even though it is tiny. My kitchen has one surface space, but I've made a three tier wedding cake there, plus thousands of cupcakes from the wee old oven. It fits a piano and a surfboard and my bike. It is Riley's entire world. And it has my things.

Ahh. Things. Like my old book collection...

I've had that Black Beauty book (the one on the left!) my entire life!

Art from across the world... from family, friends and strangers.

Craig's box wars head, decorated cake box (one of my favourite things in the whole house), etsy print, drawings from my nieces (aww), etsy print, cake box, etsy print, kozyndan print.

& my ridiculous obsession with birds.

I like it a lot.

p.s. this is a scheduled post!


  1. Love all of your stuff! That Alice in wonderland book looks amazing! And all those birds are adorable!

  2. My boyfriend and I are also looking into buying a house and it is a bit scary and very exciting at the same time. I'm like you, I want so many things from my future home and I still feel like it isn't really going to happen (we've been looking for over a year now). I obsess night and day about the kitchen I'll have, the kitchen is pretty much my favorite room of any house.

    I love your collection of old books and the art is just stunning, I especially love the etsy prints and the cake boxes.

    Happy house hunting!


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