Wednesday 5 October 2011

Halloween costumes

Okay, so it's October now. Which means it is perfectly acceptable to discuss Halloween costumes.

I really love dressing up! I tend to get a bit addicted to the Craftster Halloween forums at this time of year (which you should all read if you are at all crafty) because they are filled with tutorials and projects, all of which you can do at home.

Last year I went as a zombie nurse, and it was such an easy costume! 

I got a real nurse's dress from ebay (for £8! Bargain), along with some surgical masks. I bought flesh coloured putty from a joke shop to make my bullet wound (so simple to use - just put it on, use the end of a pencil to shape your bullet hole, put black make up within that and add loads of fake blood). I had white tights and white heels (from primark, amazingly cheap) which were covered in blood too and I made my nurse hat thing out of glossy paper. 

For make up I covered my face in pale foundation, and then just added loads of different shades of black, grey and blue to my eyes and cheeks. I also had a "wound" in my hairline, with blood trickling down my face. It was really good fun! (although bless, I showed my mum the photos of me "pretending to be dead" and she was a bit freaked out. Sorry mum!). 

In previous years I have been a leopard...

& a ragdoll! 

Fun fun fun. I need to get planning for this year. 

p.s. this is a scheduled post!


  1. I love Halloween although I rarely dress up because I'm a procrastinator. I love the zombie nurse, you did a really great job with it. I hope you'll post pictures of your costume for this year.


  2. I like Zombie Costume so much.In nursing zombie costume you are looking wonderful.

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