Wednesday 13 January 2016


Just before Christmas, Joshua and I went off on a secret adventure to celebrate my birthday, and I was so excited! It's the first time I've ever been whisked away on a secret trip, and I couldn't wait to see what he had planned. My only clue was that we were taking books and wine, so I knew it would be a super relaxing escape - I imagined a little cottage or cabin, maybe somewhere up in the Highlands.

Turns out I was wrong - we headed South. Two taxis, one train, and one bus later, we pulled into a field in the middle of nowhere and discovered this...a treehouse! An actual treehouse!

This is the absolutely beautiful Brockloch Treehouse, and it's possibly the most adorable place I've ever stayed (and definitely one of the nicest surprises I have ever gotten!). It's an eco retreat on Brockloch Farm in Dumfries and Galloway (the farm also has a Bothy, if trees aren't your thing), and it is the PERFECT place for a peaceful, lazy adventure.

The treehouse sits in a Bluebell wood in the grounds of the farm, and it feels like you have disappeared from the world. There's a log-burning stove so it's super cosy, and a small kitchen and bathroom, so you don't have to go anywhere at all, unless you fancy a walk through the wilderness. There's a bath with a skylight too! A bath! In a treehouse! Another skylight sits above the bed, so you can gaze at the stars, and watch the trees in the wind.

I was a bit broken by 2015 (more on that here), so it was SO nice to get the chance to properly relax before the madness of the festive season kicked in. This is the second year we've gone off on a birthday adventure (last year we stayed in a lovely gypsy caravan in the Scottish Borders), and I'm so happy that this is becoming a new tradition in our lives!

I'm already dreaming of when I can go back to Brockloch - I think it would be wonderful in summer, when the days are warm, and the wood is leafy and full of flowers!


  1. Oh wow, this looks so cute! Such a wonderful surprise! x

    1. I couldn't believe it, it was so lovely! x

  2. This is the cutest thing ever! I've never explored that part of Scotland so I need to put this on my list immediately.


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