Sunday 17 January 2016


It's been quite the week, hasn't it? I am absolutely shattered - work is in full swing, and I'm so fed up with dark and cold January nights. Bring on Spring - I need some sunshine in my life!

One for the sweet tooths out there. Here's how you make this beautiful candy floss pastel rainbow cake!

It's been a bit of a horrible week with news of David Bowie and Alan Rickman (sob!) losing their battles with cancer. Sali Hughes shares her thoughts on the grief police in The Pool.

I feel quite overwhelmed when I think about my mortgage, and how long it's going to take me to pay it off. Why are Brits so obsessed with buying their own homes?

Moot moot! This is really interesting - a look at how they made Pingu.

Have you seen Making a Murderer yet? I started watching it during the Christmas holidays, and before I knew what was happening, I watched all 10 episodes in under 24 hours (and then spent the next few days reading everything I could about the case). If you haven't seen it yet, I am so jealous! If you have, here's 12 documentaries you should watch next.

This is brilliant and rings very true - how the twisted villian of the new Star Wars film, Kylo Ren, is a gatekeeper.

Looking for a new penpal? The super creative Kaylah from the Dainty Squid is seeking new postcard pals.

And finally, I really enjoyed this blog. Liz pushed herself out of her comfort zone, said 'I am going', and travelled across the world all by herself. Then she realised she was actually having a pretty terrible time, but that was totally okay too.


  1. 'Making a murderer' has been insane! All my friends and I have been messaging each other about it. I can see I'm about to lose more of my free time to those other documentaries! x

  2. OMG that cake looks insane! Blair and I binge watching Making a Murderer last weekend and ever since then I've been reading loads of articles about bits that they didn't show, and alternate theories etc - so obsessed! I was completely set on them both being innocent after I watched the show but now I'm not so sure. Will have a look at that article though to see if there's any other docs I want to check out. xx


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