Monday 18 January 2016


Over Christmas my best friend came up to visit from London, and as part of BFF-bonding time, we found ourselves in Tesco, attempting to finish Christmas food shopping, but being distracted by the clothing section instead. At first we were trying to find something to buy for a night out with our school pals... but then we came across the most ridiculous fluffy jackets and decided that OF COURSE we should buy matching ones!

Jacket - F&F at Tesco
Jeans - Primark
Brogues* - George at Asda
I have a couple of furry jackets, but this manic monochrome number felt SO far out of my comfort zone. But my pal is a persuasive person, and she talked me into trying it on... I kinda liked it, and even though I really don't feel cool enough to wear something like this, I've worn it out a few times! And I've never felt daft... I've been too busy being the warmest human alive. 

I've mainly been wearing it over dresses, but today I chucked it on over black jeans (my winter staple), and my adorable sparkly black brogues (which are currently £8 in the sale!). I like this outfit a lot, I think my hair is still bright enough to add a bit of colour to the monochrome look (even if it's lightened up LOADS in the last month - look how bright it was before!), and it's super comfy and very little effort. 

I think I'm a faux fur convert - there's nothing quite like feeling like you've got a polar bear cuddling you as you walk. I also love that if I'm wearing it, there's a chance that at the other end of the country, my pal is too! 

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  1. WEAR THIS COAT WITH CONFIDENCE. It's wonderful and monochrome always looks amazing with ginger hair. x


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