Friday 8 January 2016


For my birthday Joshua bought me an amazing set of patches, which gave me the excuse to treat myself to a new denim jacket. I've been on the hunt for a nice denim jacket for AGES, but I'm really picky about them (and over the years I've bought loads that just sit unloved in my wardrobe and end up going to a charity shop).

This time though, I've lucked out with this super cosy ASOS number that ticked all of my boxes (including 'being in the sale', hooray!).

Denim jacket - ASOS
Top & skirt - H&M
Boots* - Buffalo - Mac Queen from Spartoo 
I'm a fan of being slouchy and cosy, so this is my ideal winter get-up. My number one issue with most denim jackets is that they tend to be cropped, and sit really weirdly on me. As someone with curves, I hate tiny jackets and always feel really uncomfortable in them, so it was such a relief to discover that this jacket sits nicely on my hips and doesn't make me feel like a massive denim ball.

I've had these boots for YEARS and I'm slowly wearing them to death, but they are so comfortable. They are fleecy lined on the inside, and the leather is SO soft, they are just like wearing slippers! I'm not sure if you can buy these anymore (Spartoo have a couple of pairs, but not in my size), and I'm a bit gutted for the day they do give up the ghost!

And my very favourite thing about this outfit? The amazing patches! I've got two from Stay Home Club (I cry at the most ridiculous things, so these are very, very appropriate for my life), a couple from TV shows I love, this amazing Jeff Goldblum Appreciation Society patch by Kodiak Milly AND a wonderful feminist dinosaur badge by Kate Gabrielle.

I actually can't pick a favourite, I feel like the coolest kid in town!


  1. Such a cool jacket! I just love how fluffy and soft it is! x

  2. you are the patch KWEEEEEEEEN! have you seen ninten beau on etsy? love her stuff!

    1. Oooh I haven't! Thank you for the link x

  3. I bought the 'Frequent Crier' patch for myself too! I can't wait to get a jacket and start getting them on there. Totally with you when it comes to cropped jackets- they can get in the bin.

    1. Yay! Let me know what other ones you get - I'm a bit addicted now x


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