Sunday 24 January 2016


I am shattered. Since coming back to work after the most wonderfully relaxing Christmas break, it has been flat out. The Festival I work for isn't actually happening until March, but this is the month that our programme goes to print - and as I run the sponsorship team it means we need to get as much funding as possible confirmed in January, so that logos can run correctly, and it all gets signed off in time. AND we have to start planning for the next financial year AND do analysis of progress so far, and look after all the other bids and reports and projects that are going on. Eep.

I generally love a deadline, but this week it all just got a bit much, and I couldn't find the energy to blog or go running or do anything that wasn't just crashing on the sofa as soon as I got home.

But this weekend has helped - I've been a total hermit and just mooched around my flat, slowly tidying it, and getting my (non-work) life in a little more order. Tonight all I plan to do is eat sushi, watch the rest of the Vampire Diaries (it's ridiculous but I am OBSESSED), and sleep before another manic week rolls round. Bring on February - January is dark and stressful and I need Spring!

Anyway, here's a round up of the interesting things I've seen online this week (when I wasn't panicking over an ever-growing to do list...). Hope you're all having a nice Sunday!

In the last few months I've really embraced leaving my hair curly, and as a lazy person, I love the look of these 16 messy updos (I also love that hair colour!).

I love this so much - Kylo Ren takes part in Undercover Boss for Saturday Night Live.

Can you believe that it's been fifteen years since Popworld first aired?! As a teenager, I bloody loved it. Here's a nostalgic look back at why it was so brilliant.

Talking of music shows, how do we fix the Brit awards?

Here's a really fascinating look at the deeper meaning of emojis, and how social media is changing communication.

I agree with all of this. The 12 things that restaurants must stop doing in 2016.

Have you seen the massive NYC milkshakes that everyone's going on about? Here's an ace rant about how they are bullshit.

And finally, it's almost February, which means Valentine's Day is around the corner! Here's 9 adorable DIYs for your Valentine.

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