Friday 9 December 2011

I bought a house!

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Hello! I've got some exciting news to share (can you guess what it is? Ha). I've mentioned very briefly before that Craig & I were house-hunting (and had found a lovely place), but I was doing my very best not to get TOO excited while the mortgage application was going through... I've heard so many horror stories about things that happen to first-time buyers, and was paranoid that something unexpected would happen to us!

But hooray, hooray, this morning I got an email saying that our application has gone through and paperwork is in the post!

We've gone for a new-build house on the outskirts of Edinburgh - it's only 30 minutes from the centre of town by bus (which is nothing!), but is right next to a country park AND an equestrian centre (hello!). 

We'll have a garden which means that Riley will be allowed to go outside, and sometime next year we can get a dog (and I've already been given the go ahead to bring future dog to work with me!). It's also got three bedrooms, so I can fulfill my life long dream & have a personal library (something like this would be lovely).

It's not actually built yet, but we have a provisional move-in date in April! This gives me four months to plan what to do with each room, get obsessed with interiors/design blogs (send me links please!), wait impatiently for an pinterest invite & squirrel away all money I can into savings!

Yay. What a happy Friday treat.


  1. Whoa - so excited for you guys. Proper grown up stuff now. xx

  2. Aimi - thanks pet. You'll need to come visit when it's ready! x

  3. Awww! I can feel your excitement in this post! It's a lovely thing buying your first home together. My husband and I are on our second house and I'm sure in the future there will be a third!!
    Riley will love it I'm sure and I'm so pleased you'll be able to get a dog too!
    Happy Friday Juliet :D xx

  4. Congratulations ........I hope you enjoy your new place, it can be so much fun choosing how to decorate and furnish a new place!! And it's such a nice area your moving too, you'll love it x


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