Monday 26 December 2011

December instagram

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas & are having a great boxing day so far! I'm on a mission to watch as many movies as possible, and I am doing very well! Here's an update of instagram photos from the last week...

1. Happy birthday to me! I turned 26 on December 22nd, and on the day before my birthday I came across loads of old photo albums... which included this photo of me as a toddler! I wish my hair was still as curly.

2. Birthday present from the wonderful Craig (it's a tiffany's necklace with a bow on it). I feel so spoiled! Had an absolutely lovely day - signed the papers for our house, went out for tea and cake at Mimi's Bakehouse, watched Puss in Boots, met up with wonderful friends & went dancing! Managed to stretch the celebrations over two days, and saw even more of my friends, went for dinner & drinks in Ghillie Dhu. Lovely.

3. Another birthday gift (lucky me!) - a sheriff's badge! I insisted on wearing this on my birthday & felt like an excellent grown up in our meeting with the solicitor (ha ha ha).

4. Santa hat! Slightly grumpy expression. Promise I was excited about Christmas.

5. Christmas eve preparations! Wrapped up my candy cane cookies in cute wee bags from paperchase.

6. Christmas pudding nail art. I received lovely no 7 nail varnish in my work secret santa & the colour was perfect for a pudding base.

7. This was Christmas morning.. I was impatiently waiting for Craig to come through so we could open our presents! This is his bundle... I absolutely love his stocking.

8. Mmm, chocolates from Coco Chocolate. Cannot wait to eat these, but they are too pretty to open!

9. Beautiful Christmas present from Craig! I've wanted something by Michelle Chang for ages and absolutely wasn't expecting it. So lovely.

10. My bloggers secret santa present (which was organised by Rani from Cupcake Couture). My parcel arrived a couple weeks ago and I have been so looking forward to opening it!

It is really lovely & such a thoughtful gift. I got edible cake toppers (with roller skates on them!!), heart cookie cutters, Cath Kidston hand cream, nail transfers (with birds on them - can't wait to use these), cute cupcake wraps, a mini horse, horse transfer tattoos (haha) AND a vintage copy of Northanger Abbey. It's also just been revealed that my secret santa was Ingrid from says Ingrid - thank you so much!

I think all of my family liked their presents too (here's hoping!) - it's always my favourite part of Christmas day. I also made Craig a ridiculous panda card (which you can see here.. my photoshop skills are coming on a treat - ha ha) as part of his present... we're going to see the Edinburgh pandas one day soon. There's loads to look forward to in the new year!


  1. I want the skull necklace too!!

  2. Really like the nail design! Hope you had a lovely Christmas! xo

  3. Alex - yes, it's so cute! You should check it out on Hannah Zakari, they are offering 25% off everything at the moment! x

    ImHoneyy - thanks! I did, hope you did too x

  4. Oh I love Tiffany & Co - you lucky girl! Love your nails too! x

  5. Ooh so many lovely things in this post! Your Secret Santa package sounds absolutely amazing, what a brilliant selection of thoughtful gifts! I've just had a nose at your candy cane cookies too, they look great!xxx

  6. Sophie - I know, I'm so lucky! Thanks x

    Rosie - my secret santa was incredible, such lovely thought went into it. So pleased! x


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