Thursday 8 December 2011

Fast drying nails

For someone who has a bit of a teenage nail polish addiction, I am quite rubbish at it. I never paint my nails neatly or keep them a normal length and I ALWAYS manage to touch my nails before they have dried, which means I have permanently slighty-smudged nails.

So it was quite exciting to get a recommendation from a friend for Elegant Touch rapid dry spray which boasts to get a "flawless finish after applying nail polish".

I painted my nails as normal (aka whilst being totally distracted watching a rubbish-but-good film) and then sprayed my nails. It was quite weird & left my fingers looking a little shiny, but not long after I got this...

 Ooh. Glossy nails! Without fingerprints or smudges. It says it is touch dry in 60 seconds, but obviously takes longer for the polish to actually dry. Still! They are nice and shiny today, and it makes a big difference if you usually just let your nails dry naturally.

It costs £3.65 and looks like this...


Has anyone tried it? Any other tips to help nails dry faster?


  1. I love this product and have used it for years! I usually apply VERY thin layers of polish. If it's applied thinly enough, by the time you get to the last nail they are almost completely dry! It's only when the polish is too thick that it smudges and scratches. :D xx

  2. Ooh, that's a really good tip! Thanks x


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