Tuesday 20 December 2011

Nails of 2011

I saw this post on This Fashion is Mine and thought it was such a lovely idea to blog about, that I would do it myself!

I've never really painted my nails before this year - I was a bit of a tomboy in my early teenage years, and I would always chip my nails at horse riding or bite them (which drives me mad!). But when I was down in London early this year I popped into Wah nails & became a total nail art convert! I find it really addictive AND it has proven to be the only thing that actually stops me from biting my nails... which is a good thing.

These are my favourite nails from 2011....

1. Nautical - I was so proud of managing to do straight lines with a (soon dying) nail art pen from Claire's! I still really like nautical nails, I think they go with loads of things that I wear and are easy to do!  

2. Blue polka dots - I love polka dot nails. So quick, look lovely in every colour. Ace.

3. Pandas - I should maybe think of doing these nails again, as pandas have recently moved to Edinburgh (my favourite jokey fact about this is that there are now more pandas in Scotland than Tory MPs, ha).

4. Watermelons - one of my first attempts at nail art, this was done all with kirbys and toothpicks! Really fun and sweet for spring.

5.  Halloween pumpkins - I blatantly copied wah nails for this one but used a metallic orange (which actually smelled of oranges, amazing!). I loved the pumpkin faces!

6. Pink aztec - surprisingly, these nails didn't take too long to do! Loved the black tips, but kept chipping them. I definitely need to invest in a better top coat...

7. Rainbow aztec- these look really scruffy but they were fun and bright! I also did the worst ever tutorial for them, which made the most of my awful photoshop skills.

8. Zap! Pow! Zebra nails - again, another copy from wah nails! Zebra nails are so easy to do and I got so many compliments! I might do them with glittery tips as my new year nails.

What a colourful year. I'd like to say I'm getting better, but I think I'm just as scruffy now as I was at the start. Onwards and upwards I guess...


  1. Totally love the watermelon ones. I now have so many ideas that the minute I am done doing one set, I want to take it off and do another... I need more victims. Or I might just start stealing hands.

  2. Ingrid - it's just Barry M white x


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