Friday, 11 November 2011

Not another bill

Every day at work I check my pigeon hole in the hope that some sort of "mysterious" & "fun" parcel will appear. It doesn't. I get bills and paperwork & (on exciting days) a copy of business insider. It's not enough! I think in four and a half years of working here I've received one or two interesting parcels? (Oh, wah, my life).
Anyway - so this (and a wee moan with my colleague Amy) reminded me of an amazing looking website that I had read about aaaages ago - NOTANOTHERBILL...

Notanotherbill is cracking. You sign up and for £15 every month you'll get a surprise present that is wrapped up beautifully and sent to you. It's full of things from independent designers, craft markets, illustrators, vintage sales, cool shops - just lovely things that look brilliant!

October's present - check out the wee fox badge!
 It was set up by an art student called Ned Corbett-Winder (cracking name) who personally sources everything and packs each present! It looks like you can select what type of present to get (at least a little) by choosing whether you're more interested in a "car boot sale, gallery or fashion show", but he promises to swap it for something else if you genuinely don't like it. (I reckon if you don't like it you could save it to be a birthday or christmas present for someone else...).

It reminds me a little of the glossybox/beauty box deals that are constantly floating around on blog reviews (which I've never tried as I am happily stuck in a bit of a make up/skin care rut!), but perfect for a magpie/hoarder type like me.

You can look at more of the previous presents here & buy a subscription for yourself (or a gift for someone cool) here. There's a trial deal on the site just now offering 3 months for £30 (and yeah, it's massively indulgent but it is COOL and good and looks like fun).

Now to impatiently wait until it arrives...


  1. Awww! It's a shame nothing nice comes in the post anymore, not even nice letters, because it's all emails and ecards now, isn't it?!

    This is a great idea! You're right it's just like the beauty boxes and the Graze snack boxes only better :D xx

  2. Typography and brown boxes and ribbons are all I want to be surrounded with, so that I can make cute designated boxes for everything. That cute box for the safety pins? Dead.

  3. This is a really cute idea :) By the way, I recently made a post about the Liebster Blog awards, and mentioned you along with a few others :) You can read it here :)

  4. Hey hun, I have awarded you a blog award!!

  5. Thanks Kate and Charlotte, that's really sweet x

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