Wednesday 23 November 2011

Pure spa

Excitingly last week I was invited to go to a bloggers night at Pure Spa. I've walked past the salon LOADS (as it's on Lothian Road, just round the corner from Craig's work actually!) but have never been in. I love discovering a new wee place- especially when you find out that it's pretty huge inside (the joys of Edinburgh buildings!).

There were also lovely looking cupcakes!

After coming in (flustered from a power walk straight from work!) I was very kindly given a complimentary manicure, with a minx nail wrap on my ring finger. I am the scruffiest nail painter ever, so it was a total treat to have a professional doing it! I went for a bit of a radge colourful design but it looked lovely against the rest of my black nails (they used Spa Ritual nail varnish - lovely and glossy AND vegan!).

Then one of the girls from Paterson SA curled my hair using ghds, and taught me how to pin my hair up in a loose, curly side chignon. It was SO beautiful! & she made it really easy - explaining how to do each step bit by bit so you could easily tweak your design if needed. I'm going to try this myself soon and hopefully post a step by step tutorial.

Sorry for the knackered photo, I wish I had taken a better one - this doesn't do it justice! 

It was a lovely night - I (shyly) said hello to a few bloggers I've followed for ages now, and it was a perfect end to a day that had been full of mortgage and bank chat (buying a house is FULL ON!). Thanks to Rach for setting it up & to everyone at Pure Spa (& Paterson SA)!

They have a list of special offers here - including Christmas discounts, girls night out packages & a 2 for 1 pamper package (I need to find someone to do this with me!). The weather is about to get horrible (probably) so you might as well be all pampered & relaxed when you face the endless rain...


  1. Awww! Your hair looks so pretty! I've tried this on myself a few times but it never looks quite right to the side so I end up going for the usual "bun- in- the- middle!"
    The nails are great, I love black nail varnish with one accent nail. :D xx

  2. This event looked amazing - I love what you had done to your nails!

  3. love the nails! looked like a wonderful evening x

  4. Yeah, I was really impressed with the nail varnish.. might have to buy some!

  5. Your hair looks so incredibly lovely! x

  6. I could do with going to the spa right now, i have recently come back from annual leave and now i feel like i need another break! I am absolutely buzzin that you went to Hanson too! I am obsessed with them and I love anyone who loves them too! I don't know many hanson fans and I am constantly trying to convince my friends that they're very talented and serious musicians! I thought they were amazing, i love Taylor!!!!!!!!!!! xxxx

  7. Ha, I love him too - they are AMAZING! xx

  8. Love the nail wrap. It looks great with the black.
    Also, you make up is lovely. :)


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