Wednesday 16 November 2011

Christmas shopping: gifts for gals

Okay, it's time. I'm doing it. Get your heads out of the sand, people. Christmas is coming! I know it's technically still 38 days away, but now is the time to shop.

Buying things in advance is good for multiple reasons. It'll let you feel all smug when you're all done by the first week of December (and means you can avoid shops at their VERY WORST when they are full of anxious people buying anything in sight). It means you can buy ace things online that take a couple of weeks to arrive without stressing about Christmas post. & you won't be totally skint in December, so can save money for partying. Woo.

So, to help you out I've compiled a wee gift guide of AWESOME things that (roughly) fit into a few price ranges. I've roped the lovely Craig into doing a more manly version of this later on in the week.. keep an eye out for it!


£10 to spend

1. A Pugs not Drugs tote by Gemma Correll. I've mentioned how much I love this bag before, but it is worth posting again! I'm not going to tell you why tote bags are good (they are just good), & if you are going to get one then you might as well get an adorable one with a pug on it. It's a bargainous £10 (and should probably be bought fairly quickly if you're interested, as they often sell out!).

2. You can't go wrong with a wee treat from Lush, and the Snow Fairy gift set is lovely and smells really nice! It includes snow fairy shower gel, angels delight soap & a shimmy shimmy massage bar (which I think makes you a bit sparkly in a twilight/teenager at Claire's way, but hey, it's Christmas). It comes all gift-wrapped up (for lazy/busy people) and costs only £10.95. 

3. Chocolate is a bit of a cliché present at Christmas time, but just look at this. Look at it. It's the Tattoo Love gift set from Coco Chocolate - an Edinburgh based chocolate shop who make totally amazing chocolate. It's all organic and ethical and tasty (plus the box is designed to be a bit hardcore, so you can use it as a jewellery box once all the chocolate has gone). Please someone buy this for me? It's £10.95.

4. Something a little different, but who doesn't like wolves? Etsy is a brilliant site for finding unique gifts (of all shapes and sizes) from independent designers and artists. This wolf print by Alice Potter is really sweet (and wintery!) and comes in at £10.

£25 to spend

1. A moustache isn't just for Movember, it's for life! Tatty Devine are known for quirky, unique jewellery & their moustache necklace is a perfect example. Look! Imagine the photo opportunities! You can pretend to be a dapper gentleman every day. It's £27 (and if you buy it in November they'll donate money to charity. Aww).

2. Another nod to the lovely Hannah Zakari, this print is perfect for the optimistic, mildly drunken, person in your life. It will sit perfectly in a kitchen (or within a gin shrine. Do they exist? Somewhere, probably). It's £25.

3. Another treat from Etsy, this retro apron is handmade in California by Boojiboo. They design a massive range of aprons (which apparently flatter everyone) in a huge variety of fabrics. This will make you feel like a proper baker (not just someone who gets mix all over their jeans & licks the spoon), and comes to just £24 with postage (but order early to give yourself time for delivery!).

4. To match your fancy apron you also need a lovely set of kitchen scales from John Lewis. Every baker needs scales, so they might as well be pretty ones that can smugly live on your kitchen counter (in a oh-those?-I-just-happened-to-be-casually-baking way). They are £25.

£50 to spend

1. Urban Outfitters do a nice wee range of cameras, including this fisheye camera. This is one of the more user-friendly of their cameras as it takes 35mm film (which can be bought & processed on the high street), and let's you take arty (or daft) photos of your friends/family/surroundings. It's £45 (so buy some film for the recipient while you're at it!).

2. Bebaroque is a label set up by two Scottish art students, creating beautiful items that are hand embroidered and printed. Their Saylor tights have been inspired by old sea dog tattoo art & are covered in mermaids, shells and anchors! They come in just under £50, at £49.46.

3. Back to Hannah Zakari for this super cute gold skull necklace by Michelle Chang. It's lovely. Really lovely. & £60 (but shh, it's worth it).

4. Next to Models Own, who have opened their Christmas Shop. This set includes fifteen polishes (fifteen!) and looks ace. Out of all the polishes I've tried this year, Models Own are my hands down favourite - so easy to apply, lovely colours, last for ages. It's £50.

£100 to spend 

1. A (beautiful mustard) bag with a trick up its sleeve! This bag is called Betsy and is a really lovely SLR-carrying-camera bag by Jo Totes. There's pockets for normal bag supplies too, but you'll no longer look like an enthusiastic tourist (or bag lady) when you are photo taking. It comes to £90-ish when you factor in international shipping.

2. It's from Tiffany's. It is only £100. You are welcome.

3. I felt quite torn recommending a Kindle as a pro-books, pro-paper kind of gal, but Craig bought one earlier this month and it's... nice. And convenient. (& I was totally won over when I found out I could read my nanowrimo draft on it - like it was an actual book). It's £89 so you can throw in an amazon voucher with it too.

4. Snoop Dogg has a Spirit Hood. You could have a Spirit Hood! It's £103, and yes, it's a bit radge (to be honest as I am typing this I am swaying between thinking it is the worst thing ever - the "worn by" press on the Spirit Hood website includes Pete Wentz & Cascada for christ's sake... - or thinking "oh man, that looks SO cosy). They donate part of their profits to animal charities & have a whole range of animals (that wolfy one looks the best though!).

.... & that's that. Phew. Hope this was helpful! Happy shopping. x


  1. cute gift guide -- i so need to start my xmas shopping xx

  2. Me too actually! Have looked up loads of things but haven't spent any money yet, eep! x

  3. My sister would love the pugs not drugs bag !
    Thank you so much for this post has really helped !! :)

  4. This is such a good list, loving it! Can't believe you found a Tiffany necklace for £100, impressive!

  5. Launa - aw, you're welcome! It's a great bag.. I might have to buy it myself if it doesn't appear under my christmas tree!

    Raz - thanks! They've actually got a couple of £100, I was really surprised.


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