Friday 18 November 2011

Christmas shopping: gifts for guys

 Hi! So hopefully you've all seen my first Christmas gift guide (and found it fairly useful!). To follow on I thought it would be fun to get a different perspective on gift ideas, and roped my (ever patient and helpful) boyfriend into writing something! Enjoy....

Hi I'm Craig, I am 30 years of age and I enjoy music and fun.

Juliet wanted to get some Y chromosome perspective on gifts for those difficult-to-shop-for gentlemen in your lives. As a gentleman of refined taste myself, I was happy to help. While I can't guarantee that all men everywhere will like this stuff, I can definitely confirm that none of it would be unwanted should it end up in my stocking.

Jah bless!


£10 to spend

1. Han Solo in carbonite! This silicon mould is in the shape of Han Solo as trapped in carbonite, and can be used to make Han-shaped ice cubes, chocolate bars, or whatever else you can come up with. £9.99

2. Tasty beer! Brewdog are moving from their boutique brewery roots to gradually taking over the world. Find out why with a bottle of tasty 18.2% stout, a great gift for any beer-loving gentleman (or lady). £9.99 Also available, personalised bottles here – worth a look.

3. Bike SpokeLit. This light attaches to the spokes of a bicycle wheel, and dramatically increases visibility from the side. The main thing however is – it looks super cool! £7.99

4. Moustache Hip Flask. Hip flasks are practical. Moustaches are stylish. It follows then, that this hip flask is both practical and stylish! £12

£25 to spend

1. Leatherman 'Style' multi tool.  Leatherman make the best and hardiest multi-tools, as is well known by all men. This is their teeny-tiny handy key-chain multi tool, ideal for all manner of unexpected man/tool/object interactions. £23

2. I like Pandas, and I also enjoy parties. If you know someone who also likes this fantastic combination, then this might be the t-shirt for them. £21.99

3. Help save wild animals with the WWF! Get a plush toy, sponsor an endangered animal. If your boyfriend likes animals, then he'll like this. If he doesn't, you might want to reconsider him being your boyfriend (OH SNAP!) £19.99

4. Home brewing starter kit. This kit contains everything you need to make your own lager (except sugar, I believe). 40 pints worth! That is a lot of lager, plus the satisfaction of making it all on your own. You can add funky flavours or do whatever you like, all for a top-value £23.80.

£50 to spend

1. Massage Chair add-on thing! Obviously these are great. £59.99

2. Kymera magic wand remote control - this is a magic wand that you use as a universal remote. You teach it gestures to turn on the tv or hi-fi or change the channel or the volume, and you get to feel like a magic wizard! Good deal, I think. £49.95

3. It’s well known that gentleman of a certain age enjoy spending many hours playing video games. You will surely know if the gentleman in your life falls into this category. If so one of these will go down a treat:
  • The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword – celebrating the 20th anniversary of the original Zelda, the latest instalment is out on the Wii. This edition even features a shiny gold controller! £47.90
  • Guns! Explosions! Ridiculous storylines and industry-leading multiplayer! That’s right, it’s the world’s biggest entertainment franchise (I know, what the hell?) – Call of Duty MW3. Pow-pow! £43 or thereabouts
  • If stealthy sneaking (and springing across rooftops) in historically-accurate(ish) representations of Constantinople and other Renaissance-era cities sounds more up your street, the conclusion of Assassin’s Creed – Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, might be in order. £49.90 (collector’s edition).
4. Awesome glasses. These glasses are nigh-unspillable and pretty smooth. Support someone close to you’s drinking problem this Christmas with these. And at £42 (plus postage, natch) you’ll have enough left from your £50 to buy a little beverage to go with them. Mmmmmm, alcohol.

£100 to spend

1. Learn to surf! Surfing is the best thing ever, you get to have amazing fun, be in the sea, make cool friends and get fit. The first time you catch a wave is amazing. Coast 2 Coast are friendly and professional and based in Dunbar (just outside Edinburgh) and offer a great course of four lessons for £95 (all equipment hire included). By the end of that you'll be shredding gnarly surf-tubes!

2. Vuzix iWear. These are those glasses that you wear that make it seem like you’re watching a massive screen some distance away from you. Plug them into you ipod, DVD player, laptop or whatever, and have an ignoring-everything-around-me party. £100

3. House of Marley headphones. These have been voted the best among all the recent ‘celebrity’ headphones that are filling the shops, even better than Dr Dre’s Beats (and for significantly less outlay). Great sound, pretty stylish, ideal for jammin’ (see what we did there?) your beats. £99.99

4. Nixon make nice watches (and OK, some pretty ugly ones too!), and this one is particularly nice. Modern and simple, it’s a good watch. £100


  1. This is brilliant thanku!!!The boyfriend and I are giving each other a holiday for Christmas but these ideas are tempting! Xxx

  2. Ah I'd love to buy my boyfriend that watch :(

  3. Sophie - Glad you like it!

    Sarah - I know the feeling! I am wondering if I can stretch to it (& hope he doesn't read this... ha).

  4. wow! thanks for the great ideas. just thinking of giving my lil brother a Kymera magic wand. it absolutely looks cool and cute. i bet he's gonna love it for he thinks he is also a wizard like harry.:)


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