Monday 28 November 2011

November instagram

How is it almost December already? This year is flying by at a slightly terrifying rate. But it's okay! Fun things have been happening.

1.  We bought a house! Or have reserved one, at least, while we wait on mortgage paperwork & what not to go through! But OH MY GOD, HELLO HOUSE. It has a GARDEN. & is probably the most exciting thing I've ever bought. I have seriously read so much about houses and mortgages and legal things that I am considering doing a "how to be a first time buyer" post (watch this space).

2. Learning how to play the piano (with help from youtube!). Currently my ability only covers lost theme songs (ha, sorry neighbours), but I am going to learn some festive songs this year! Riley is obsessed with the piano and will happily lie on top of it gazing lovingly while I play. Super cute.

3. This was a good breakfast day.

4. I love this. It sits around the corner from my work (just off Edinburgh's Royal Mile) and is just so weird but brilliant.

5. Reading my nanowrimo draft on Craig's kindle. I've been horrendous at nanowrimo this year because house-hunting & buying has taken over every spare evening and weekend. I do love my story though - am determined to keep writing past November this year!

6. Super short slightly stripey nails.

7. My business cards from Moo arrived and I love them! I will post about them in more detail soon, as they are beautiful.

8. An exciting part of getting a house is planning what to actually put into it (so be warned, the number of home posts will probably jump up!). We are definitely turning one of the rooms into a library and I love this one - love the colours, love the sofa, love the pug!


  1. I have just moved into a new house too! (unfortunately it is just rented) I'm loving redecorating it though and buying all lovely vintage furniture to put in it. I'm excited to see what you do with yours!

    -Ani x

  2. Eeeeek all very excting! I'm going to be moving into a new house after Xmas and i can't wait to get started on the 'soft furnishings'. It even has a spare room that i'm hoping to turn into an office/library, or as i like to call it...a room of ones own! xxxx

  3. Massive congratulations on the house! Is it new/old? When do you think you'll get to move?

    Laura x

  4. Such exciting news about the house! Congrats! xx

  5. a house with a garden!

    sending you happy spells

  6. Thanks everyone!

    It should be finished by April (it's brand new... not even up yet) so I have plenty of time to plan what to put into it! x

  7. gorgeous photos, congrats on the house! x

  8. Hey....
    Looking too cool and awesome.... Thanks for sharing such nice pics with us...
    carry on..

  9. Awh big congrats!!!,id love it if you did do a post!Im doing one of those first time buyers schemes and no idea what I do about applying for a morgage etc!


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