Monday 7 December 2015


I've been playing about with the colour of my hair all year, but I reckon this is my favourite haircut yet! My hair is naturally ginger (this post is pretty close to my natural colour), but for a year or so I've been dyeing it - mainly to brighten up the roots and lighten up the ends, although I did go pastelly orange and pink too!

This time round, I wanted to really, really embrace my red locks. My hair has lightened up loads since my last haircut (you can see how light it looks in this outfit post), so it was the perfect base for a red and orange dip-dye/ombre look! I got a really bright red dye on my roots, which blended into a bright copper, then blended into my natural ginger hair. I love it!

I've been going to Dean Jones Hairdressing ever since they invited me along for a review last summer (I'm so glad they did!). It's a really lovely salon on Elm Row in Edinburgh, and I hugely recommend it - it's so peaceful and chilled, and the staff are absolutely lovely.

My stylist Linden is a total star, and it's been so fun trying out different hair colours this year with her! She's basically exactly what I want in a hairdresser - she listens to my (rambly, not well-thought-out) ideas, and then suggests how to make it wearable on my hair, so I've always been delighted with how each colour change has turned out.

I'm still a massive fan of my undercut and can't see myself growing it out any time soon! I've actually shaved another one in the back of my head in a V-shape, which looks really cool when I've got my hair up in a high bun (but is also easy to hide if you want to pretend you have normal hair). I think that's probably the most shaven I can get away with though - my friends are starting to make jokes about how I'm going to get carried away and end up completely bald!

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  1. #hairgoals

    I love this, I have naturally ginger hair and usually I just bang some henna on it to brighten it, but I am dying to try something different. You look lovely xx


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