Monday 14 December 2015


I love December. It's the only time of year that you can get away with accessorizing in a full-on way ALL of the time, without anyone blinking an eyelid. I wore this outfit a few weeks ago to attend a fancy awards dinner, but I reckoned it would work just as well as a festive number.

Dress* - Tu at Sainsburys
Shoes - Ebay
Bow - Crown & Glory
The polka dot dress is from Tu at Sainsbury's, which means it's a total bargain (at the time of writing this post it's on sale for £13,50, down from £18). It's a longer length than I would normally wear - sitting just on my knee, but I think that makes it look a lot fancier and grown up. I love a polka dot pattern, and the neckline is super cute too - it dips down in a v-shape at the front and back of the dress. 

To dress it up even further, I added this over-sized velvet bow hairband by Crown and Glory. This comes in blue and emerald too, but I think the red is totally perfect for the Christmas season.

It can feel a bit scary to try a hair accessory that's this big, but hopefully I'm showing that it's a really wearable piece - I got lovely compliments on it all night, and I wasn't self-conscious at all (which feels like a big step, considering this time last year I was talking myself into wearing much smaller hair bows!).

My shoes are cheap velvet flats from ebay - I think they were less than £10, but they've lasted really well! Buying a house means my clothing budget is absolutely minuscule, I'm getting good at finding quality bargains!


  1. Oh, I really love the hair bow.

  2. Very funny look also your title make me very laught !



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