Sunday 6 December 2015


Happy Sunday everyone! I've been blogging every day this week as part of Blogmas, and it's been so nice to get back into blogging habits after an unexpected break. I'm back in my house, I've finished all of the painting/DIY I wanted to get done before the holidays, and it's been so nice to chill out in my flat (even if I've been feeling knackered/ill all week, boo).

Here's the return of Sunday Links - a round up of the interesting things I've seen on the internet this week.

DIY pinecone wreath
This has been the most surreal week. I went on a flying trip to London to attend a fancy reception at Westminster - it was the evening before the Syria vote, and it was very, very strange to see how life (and schmoozing) went on as normal, even on the eve of war. I think the Daily Mash sums it up well - hooray for war.

On a much (much much) lighter note, this made me laugh so much. Katniss REALLY loves pita.

This is really cute... to raise money for Great Ormond Street, creative agency Purple are running a Purple Knitivity. You can choose what gets knitted next using #PurpleKnitivity on twitter or facebook - I've asked for a christmas fox, fingers crossed!

Who knew emojis looked different on different phones?! This is a really interesting look at emojis on apple, google and samsung phones - the google ones are the cutest!

I absolutely do not need to buy any more dresses, but I am eyeing up Lynne's Christmas party wishlist - how lovely is that feather dress?

This is a bit boring, but really useful! The computer shortcuts you need to know about.

Thinking about making some DIY beauty products as Christmas presents? Here's what dermatologists said about pinterest face masks.

And finally, in a sea of blogger gift guides, it's nice to see one championing independent shopping!

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