Thursday 10 December 2015


As you may know (especially if you follow me on instagram) I've got a pet hedgehog called Soba, who is a lovely, grumpy, adorable and ridiculous creature who is so cute it hurts! Hedgehogs are pretty low maintenance, but the number one rule is that you have to keep them warm - if they get cold, they go into hibernation, which is very bad news.

My old flat was nice, but it was freezing unless the heating was blasting (which I couldn't afford to do ALL of the time), so when I was flat-hunting I was on a mission to find somewhere that was super cosy (sadly meaning beautiful old Edinburgh tenements with high ceilings and thin windowpanes were out!).

Now, it's ace. My new flat is a fairly modern build, which means it's as snug as anything, and has mystical storage heaters (that I can't quite work out how to use) that store energy at night to heat it up in the morning, and keep it toasty all the time. I don't need to stress about Soba freezing, and I don't need to microwave heat pads for him three times a day any more. Hooray!

Not at all pets are as cosy as Soba though, so it's important in winter, when it is absolutely baltic, to think about the animals that are abandoned and in need, through no fault of their own.

Everest Home Improvements are doing just this with their #PetsInWindows campaign, which raises money for the very wonderful SSPCA, an animal welfare charity who rescue and rehome thousands of neglected pets in Scotland each year.

Everest want to see photos of your pets hanging out at a window, and for each entry they receive they'll donate £5 to the SSPCA (meaning entering is the easiest thrifty way of giving to charity ever!). You can enter on their website ( or via Twitter with #petsinwindows. AND on top of that, the best photo each month, as voted by users, will win a £50 voucher.

Take a cute photo of your pet, help charity, maybe win £50. Win win win!
#Petsinwindows is brought to you by Everest Home Improvements. Follow Everest on Twitter and Facebook to find out more, keep up to date on their latest deals and offers, and check out Everest Scotland to see coverage in your area

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