Saturday 5 December 2015


Have you bought all your Christmas presents yet? I'm seriously lagging this year, I've got Joshua's sorted, but I need to go on a big mission to get my family gifts.

One of my favourite things about gift giving is wrapping presents. I think it's so nice when you can surprise someone you care about with your present from the very start - it just shows you've taken that little bit longer to make it special on the outside and the inside. I mean, yeah, obviously when you're in a rush wrapping is stressful and boring, and making it pinterest-pretty is your lowest priority, but if you have that bit of extra time? It's so worth it.

Pretty wrapping is a total pinterest cliche, so OBVIOUSLY I have an entire board dedicated to it. Here's a few of my favourite crafty wraps and adorable packages to inspire you this present-giving season.

All images from Pinterest
Happy wrapping!

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