Monday 2 September 2013

August instagram

As always, August is one of my very, very favourite months of the year, but I am a bit relieved when September slopes in and life calms down a little. This was the first year in AGES that August wasn't my busiest (working) time of year, so I went on a mission to have as much festivally fun as possible, and I think I did quite well!

I did a little recap of each week during the festival, but here's how the rest of the month turned out.

Instagram username: @eversojuliet
1. I started my festival fun at The List's Festival Party, which was really good fun, but also really weird as it was my first year not being one of the List gang! It was AMAZING to get to take the day off afterwards though - in previous years I've always had to struggle through the next working day with hardly any sleep!

2. I bought succulents to use in my favourite DIY to date... cactusaurs!

3.  In the name of work I visited the Hendrick's Carnival of Knowledge, drank gin and read the Unusual Times. It's a hard life.

4. My house is just about to go on the market (eeek), so a lot of time this month has been spent tidying up and making it look pretty. I've never had such a clean home, and it is filled with flowers, which I love!

5. I don't quite know how I got away with this, but one morning I was invited to go along to the John Walker & Sons Voyager - a very, very fancy yacht that has been travelling the world to promote their new whisky (which sells for £600 a bottle, eeeek). I got treated to a fancy breakfast where Gordon Buchanan chatted about adventure, a tour of the boat, and the chance to pretend I was very, very rich for one morning. It was awesome! If anyone else wants to invite me to fancy parties, feel free.

6. One of my best pals laughed at me for being inspired by Katy Perry's new song (what? It's SO catchy!) but I just couldn't help it. Here's my lion girl in progress - I'm really pleased with this one!

7. My very favourite indie shop, Hannah Zakari, made another zine and asked me to contribute a tutorial, which was very exciting as I heart them so. I was so excited to see it (and it came with the loveliest of cards and the most ridiculously generous thank you parcel), but got SUCH A FRIGHT when I opened it to see a massive photo of my face. Ha! If you like lovely photos and interviews (or if you fancy making your own Ever So Juliet mask) hightail it now to their shop before stocks run out!

8. Summerhall was one of my favourite venues this festival. It's the old Edinburgh vet school that's been turned into a multi-arts venue, and it's so quirky and cool! This was a pop-up haircutting shed in their courtyard... what you can't see is that all the hair chopped off was stuck to the sides of the shed (aaawrgh).

9. I read Gone with the Wind and I feel emotionally exhausted. More in my next book love post!

10. As part of operation-tidy-house, we finally cleared out loads of stuff that had started to live in the library... restoring it to the position of my Very Favourite Room. Books are the very best.

11. On that topic, here's Charlotte Square, home of the Edinburgh International Book Festival. Edinburgh is so beautiful, I can't stand it sometimes. Well done, city o' mine.

12. To end the month on a bit of a posh note, I went to the Lord Provost's Garden Party which was thrown for people who had done good deeds for Edinburgh (I managed to wing my invite through work, and felt mildly guilty throughout the day as there were so many GOOD people there!). Still, it was loads of fun! I drank fizz, I played croquet, I made a choir laugh (mid choir) and I saw an army man that was wearing an entire cougar (it was terrifying). Again, fancy party invites? Just send them my way.


  1. These pictures are awesome, looks like you had a great month! xxx

  2. I am obsessed with your watercolors! Paint me like one of your french girls? hehe <3

  3. Looks like such a peaceful month. Love the little plants your growing and looks like you've also been working hard on your art. Can't wait to see it.

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