Tuesday 20 August 2013

Edinburgh Festivals: week three!

Week three of the Edinburgh Festivals is over, and it's been a surprisingly quiet one for me. I've got LOADS on this week (am out every night this week, ahh), so it was nice to chill and actually eat dinner that required a knife AND fork. Who'd have thought plates were a luxury?

Anyway, I still had fun and saw a few things! Here's what it was like for me (you can catch up on week one and week two here).

  • Hot Dub Time Machine: If you can get yourself a ticket you HAVE to go! I had such ridiculously high hopes for Hot Dub, and it did not disappoint at all! You go on a musical journey from 1954 to the present day, and it's just so much fun! It's also quite surreal dancing in the McEwan Hall - a beautiful and very, very grand building that I did loads of exams and graduated in!  
  • Pajama Men: I'm a huge fan of the Pajama Men, and was super excited to see their show (although it was tinged with the pressure of recommending them to 35 workpals, who all came along). They are a bit surreal, a bit daft, and it might take you a minute to work out what is actually happening in the show, but they are SO likeable and very much worth seeing. 
  • James Kakalios: Possibly one of my very favourite events I've been to this month! James Kakalios is a very hilarious, super lovely physics professor that uses comic book superheroes to illustrate physics theory. We learned about why lasers are AWESOME, how comic books use real science quite a lot of the time, and that physics professors are all gifted pipes after 25 years of research (ahem, probably true). 
  • Sleep: Sometimes during the festival, sleeping is cheating. But other times it's actually AMAZING to be in bed by 11pm. Does this mean I'm turning into a grown up?

  • Beardyman: Without a doubt, Beardyman is very, very talented and incredible at what he does (which is beatboxing and using live looping technology to build up really amazing tracks). It is amazing. It's really impressive. But after about half an hour, I got a bit bored? I also felt very old as I didn't know what trap music was. Still, worth seeing if you fancy something different & are more appreciative than I of awesome sounds!

  • Grump: I've lost that initial festival shine of "Welcome tourists! Enjoy my fine city!", and now feel a bit tired, cross and scowly whenever anyone stops immediately in front of me, walks slowly and takes up the whole pavement, can't obey proper queue etiquette, doesn't immediately understand how buses work. Sorry tourists. I like you really.  

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  1. Hot Dub Time Machine was the best! We had a bit of festival grump in the last week but so sad it's all over now though...


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