Friday 2 August 2013

Camping in Glen Etive

Back in June (which feels like a strangely long time ago), I went on a totally impromptu camping trip. I'd booked a week off work without much reason (I wasn't planning to go anywhere, it was just such a novelty to get time off in the summer in my new job), and apart from a few nights out, I had no plans.

Step in my pal Joshua, who had a camper van, a map of Scotland, and quite fancied a spot of adventure.

So we drove North West - about three hours from Edinburgh, up to the edge of the Highlands. Pals had recommended Loch Etive, which sits close to Glencoe, and is reached through a long, rambling glen, surrounded by mountains. 

We drove down a long, narrow road passing deer, the occasional tent, and the even more occasional farmhouse. 

I grew up on the edge of a wee Scottish town, near fields and farms and a country park, so I've been lucky enough to live near pretty beautiful scenery my whole life. But it's something else to be standing in a glen that's so, so quiet. All you could hear was the gentle sound of the river that ran down to the loch, and the crackle of our campfire. 

We had to battle off about a million midgies when we first set up camp (for future campers: Avon Skin So Soft is apparently a necessity if you're camping in West Scotland!), but luckily the weather was on our side... it was just drizzley enough to keep the wee terrors away, but still warm and not too soggy to sit outside.

It had been years since I last went camping, and I don't know why I don't do it more often! Scotland is a ridiculous, rugged beaut of a country, and it's so easy and quick to travel from a busy city bypass to a land that feels a little forgotten, and ready to be discovered.

AND I saw a red squirrel. 

Well done, camping trip. You were fun. 


  1. I have never been camping O.O! I'm working on it, but I think I would be much more motivated with pretty scenery like this.

  2. It looks amazing!!! What a fun weekend. I have never been to Scotland. SO green.

  3. Wonderful way to share your trip with us with very nice pictures of your tour. While we go for outing we should also care our skins from environmental effect. So for beauty services you may visit us.

  4. Camping is the bomb. Impromtu trips even more so, this looks braw!! xx

  5. Aw looks so lovely, the scenery and going on a little camping adventure! the only part of camping that bothers me is putting the tent up x

  6. I'm actually planning a camping trip soon and I'm looking around online for ideas on what to bring with me. I'm looking to camp in a tent, I'm interested in a real camping experience, not living inside a mobile home in the woods. I've seen this backpacking hammock that looks like it would be great to set up outside near the fire and is easy to carry. How was your camping trip? is there anything you forgot that you wish you would have brought?


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