Saturday 3 August 2013

Music Magpie

Here are some things that are fun:

Here are some things that are not fun:
  • realising how skint you are, after having all that fun


It's rubbish being skint, but it can be a good excuse for a clear out! Music Magpie UK (who you've probably heard of as a place to sell old CDs) have started a site called Cash for Clothes, where you can clear out your wardrobe, declutter your life, and make your wallet a little happier (I guess the clue's in the name, really).

All you've got to do is tell them what brand of clothing it is, what type (dress, jumper, etc) and then a few details about the size, colour and material. They'll give you a price, and that's it! You can keep adding items you want to sell - they buy about a billion things (from hoodies to hair straighteners), and you can scan barcodes of CDs, DVDs and other techy items if you are feeling a wee bit lazy.

Once you've added everything you want to sell, you can either leave the items at one of their nominated Send Shops (there's 5,000 across the country, so there should be one pretty near you), or get them to come to you by using their free fully insured courier service. I would choose the latter, but I am lazy and hate carrying parcels across town. Other people are more proactive than me, I know.

Then they pay you (hooray). You can pick bank transfer, cheque, Marks & Spencer vouchers (think of all the sandwiches you could buy!), or you can be a very nice person and donate the money to one of Music Magpie's chosen charities. You'll have a tidier house, less stuff kicking about, and you get to avoid the faff of waiting on ebay buyers who take ages to pay. Sounds like a good idea to me.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. It is a good idea though!

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  1. awesome idea! i am so skint this summer! thanks :) !


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