Friday 9 August 2013

Hendrick's Carnival of Knowledge

Do you like gin? Curiosities? Peculiar events?

Well, if so, Hendrick's Carnival of Knowledge is for you. Pop-up venues are two a penny in Edinburgh over August, but this is one with a difference. Hendrick's have taken over a very fancy boutique hotel, One Royal Circus, which sits just off the lovely streets of Stockbridge, creating a place to celebrate the unusual and curious.

When you walk in it first feels like you've somehow been given an invitation to a very quirky and exclusive supper party - you are greeted by dapper gents (most with moustaches of course) and invited to "Open your mind and step inside".

Downstairs there's the Parlour Bar, a small space that feels like the very best type of library (one with a bar and very intelligent conversation, obviously). It's free to get into, although I imagine it'll get busy very quickly once the secret gets out!

Upstairs there's a variety of events - many of which have already sold out, but there's still tickets left for A Genteel Tipple Through Gin in LiteratureGrim Tales from the Brothers Grimm, and the Menagerie of Creepy Crawlies and Vegetable Animals, which all sound fantastic.

I have to admit that I am a sucker for anything that's a bit quirky and delightful, and makes me feel like I've somehow stumbled into the staff room at Hogwarts. On arrival you are handed a copy of a paper called the "Unusual Times" which is full of stories of magic and science and curiosities, alongside an events guide and cocktail menu. The attention to detail is just SO spot on - it's just so easy to get lost in their wondrous world (and spend a small fortune on cocktails).

I would very much like to live here, and it was pretty easy to get carried away & imagine what my new gin-centric life would be like. Personally I would insist on swanning around like an heiress in a country manor - dressing only in ballgowns and diamonds, or tea dresses layered with vintage-looking knitwear (like perhaps this one from Fat Face), and absolutely no jeans in sight.

Alas, I did eventually have to return to the real world, but I plan to be back. The Hendrick's Carnival of Knowledge is only open until August 11th, so you have THREE DAYS Edinburgh people to get along and get delightfully lost too.

If you can't get to Edinburgh in time, never fear... the wonderful gin celebration of curiosities will be in London in October for London Cocktail Week (watch this space...).

Disclaimer: This post contains a sponsored Fat Face link. I really, really, really fell in love with the venue and would definitely like to live there (um, when can I move in?).

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