Thursday 19 September 2013

Gold wishlist

Every time I start a blog post by commenting (mainly moaning) about the weather, I'm reminded of what a massive British cliché I am. But in Scotland it really is quite ridiculous - you can get every possible combination of weather in a day (I'm only slightly exaggerating... but sunshine, hail, sunshine, rain, snow, light shower isn't that uncommon in winter!).

Now September has struck, the days are getting much darker, the winds are freeeezing, and skies are pretty much permanently grey (except for one stupidly sunny day last weekend, which will feature in a blog post soon! I told you the weather was indecisive). Anyway, one of the nice things about darker days (alongside cosy duffel coats and hats with pom poms!) is that it feels acceptable to start dressing like a glitter ball - maybe to combat dull freezing days!

I'm pretending to be more of a grown up these days, but I'm still a bit of a magpie at heart... although now I keep finding myself obsessing over gold things - the more obnoxious, the better! I'm still on a spending ban (WOE, when am I not) because of the house & whatnot, so as always, here's a wishlist to help curb my shopping...

Top row

Bottom row

IMAGINE wearing all of this at once. Too much, maybe? I'm lucky enough to already own that satchel - it was a leaving present from my very lovely pals at The List and fits absolutely loads in it - I only ever use satchels these days, I can't imagine going back to normal handbags.

& if dressing like Midas sounds like your idea of hell, but you still want to be a wee bit bling - gold nail polish is lovely, and works really well in nail art designs!

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