Wednesday 8 May 2013

Outfit: What I really wore

I've got a bit of a confession for you... I don't know how fashion bloggers do it. Yes I do have nice dresses, and yes I do try and look nice when I'm going out, or going to work, but weekends? They are normally spent looking a lot more like this....

Jeans - New Look
Hoody - Primark
Tshirt - Primark
Daft face - Model's own
It's a different story if I'm going out somewhere nice, but if I'm just getting a coffee or going to the cinema I can't be bothered with much make-up (or to brush my hair). The only reason I have a kind of normal face of make up on here is because I dressed up all fancy to take these outfit photos then changed back into normal clothes to go to watch a movie! Is that cheating?

I had a Primark voucher to spend and couldn't resist this ridiculous RAD tshirt! I know slogan tees are a bit cheesy, but who really cares on a lazy afternoon.

It does feel like - particularly if you are a blogger, or read stylish blogs - that there's a pressure to look lovely & picturesque all the time. But that's just unrealistic! I know this is a really boring outfit post, but I wanted to acknowledge the scruffier, lazier side of my life on here too. I'm scruffy and proud!


  1. I like it and I am scruffy myself. :)

    Quick question, help a girl out? Haha. The shade you use for your brow coloring, what is it and what brand? I have an awful time looking for the right shade since I'm a little bed of a red head myself. Tell me your secreeeeet. <3

    1. Ha, of course! I get them tinted regularly, which helps a LOT (you can read about that here:, and I use Benefit brow zings to keep them in shape over the month.

      Hope that helps! x

  2. Hahah I love acknowledging the scruffy! I often wear the same skirt or cardigan for days in a row and don't get how fashion bloggers change EVERYTHING every single day. So much more laundry than the rest of us! X

    1. Ha, I never thought about that - very true! x

  3. I am SO on board with what you said about feeling pressure to look good as a fashion/beauty blogger. I planted myself in both categories, so I feel like people are judging me whenever I'm scruffy or have a spot! Eeek!

    I have to admit, I've even started upgrading my scruffy look. I used to lounge around in PJ pants and a 10 year old tee, and I've found myself gravitating towards posh leggings and slouchy jumpers in a vain effort to look cute, if not chic!

    The pressures we put ourselves under, eh?

    You look adorbs in that RAD shirt though!

    Mandy xx

  4. A fashion blogger I 'aint!!

    You'll usually find me wearing joggers, converse, a baggy t shirt and my hair in a scruffy bun! (I think we have the same stylish taste in apparel?!) Suits me though, I like to leave the "fashion" to the "fashion bloggers" I've got far too many other important things to do like reading, eating cake, crafting and generally dossing about enjoying my own slovenly-ness! :D xx

  5. Love this Juliet! #Scruffyandproud xx

  6. This is pretty much me 80% of the time!! just don't tell the other bloggers :-p

    Little Blonde Life

  7. You look adorable and can I say BEST SHIRT EVER! I agree with the fashion posts. Right now I am in my purple onesie with cats sitting on my lap. Now very glamorous.

  8. The dress is really gorgeous. Just gorgeous! I was kind of nervous to order my dress through internet, but I am glad I did it. This dress is so perfectly beautiful!
    Coach Handbag


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