Monday 13 May 2013

Illustrated Blogger #4: Ella Masters

Here's the next installment in my newest feature - Illustrated Bloggers. Each month I introduce you to one of my favourite bloggers & tell you why they are brilliant. I love them so hopefully you will too!

Who is she? Ella from Ella Masters

What's her site about? A UK lifestyle & art blog

Why is she brilliant?

  • Ella's an amazing artist and discovering her blog was part of the reason I got back into painting - it made me realise how much I missed it.
  • She's one of those lucky people who has a wild mane of hair that looks awesome not brushed (and was so much fun to paint). 
  • Ella has a series of paintings of beardy tattooed men, which I love! There's loads on sale in her etsy shop - I have this guy & I love him!
  • Her posts are always really honest, which is very refreshing in the often-sugar-coated world of lifestyle blogging.
  • She's always painting or being crafty in some way & it's just SO inspiring! 

Previous illustrated bloggers:


  1. Your drawing is really beautiful! You are so talented! =)

  2. Big fan of Ella :) and the painting is wonderful! x

  3. I love this illustration - her hair is like a mane! Thanks for introducing me to Ella's lovely paintings xo


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