Wednesday 1 May 2013

April instagram

It's May! Hooray! I really like this time of year - it's almost summer so the days are long and bright, and the world is full of bbqs, sunshine and fun things. If I can have as much fun in the next four weeks as I did in the last lot, then I'll be a very happy person. 

Here's what I got up to in April...

Instagram username: @eversojuliet

1. Yet again the lovely cafes nearby my work are tempting me daily with amazing looking treats like this. I have managed to resist so far.. but one day I will crack & give in (aargh!).

2. One Friday afternoon at work we had a break to decorate sugar skulls from the Mini Maker Faire (as most of us were working & didn't get a chance to play). Here's my one - it looks a bit like a dinosaur, but I like it! 

3. I painted a new illustrated header from my blog & am pretty pleased with it. I think I'm finally getting the hang of painting hair... it's faaar from perfect, but I can see a big improvement from when I first started painting in January.

4. My pal Joshua & I have started a nail art club, and it is ACE getting to paint daft things on someone else for a change! We went for kawaii-esque animals and it took forever, but was fuelled by lots of cake, tea & sitting in sunshine in Lovecrumbs (who were quite bemused by the whole thing). 

5. The sun came out (hip hip hooray) so Craig & I headed to the beach... to shiver in the wind as it was so breezy! Still looked pretty though.

6. Riley was adorable as usual. 

7. I spring-cleaned the house (finally!) and got a bit obsessed with putting flowers everywhere. Here are some in jars on my mantlepiece...

8. ... and some beautiful daffodils! 

9. I was at my parents' house & found this mega cheery photo of me when I was wee. I used to have natural ringlets (if only I still did!), as well as a hipster-approved outfit. Dungarees with matching suspenders, oh yeah.

10. Waiting on a plane to Laaaandaaan! I thought it was a genius plan to fly down on Friday night with enough time to get the tube over to my pal's house, but the plane was delayed & sat on the runway for over an hour, meaning by the time we arrived the underground was shut & we had to taxi it across town (costing £s!). SO annoying!

11. With my very wonderful girl Steph in the Camden Barfly. I saw on twitter that Zoe (aka the London Lipgloss) was djing at a bubblegum pop night, so we went over & had SO MUCH FUN. Well done Zoe! It was exactly the type of terrible-but-awesome 90s pop night we were after, and I was knackered the next day from dancing so much!

12. Monday margaritas in Wahaca before going to see Beyonce at the O2. Such a fun day - Queen B was on FORM, and her backing dancers were just incredible!


  1. What a good month, i love your header as well, very talented!

  2. Your drawings are flipping amazing. :) Looks like yo had a super fun month.


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