Monday, 1 September 2014

I shaved my head! (sort of)

This year I've been playing about with my hair. I've tried new hairdressers, moved from badger hair to fox hair, and said goodbye to my super short fringe, but each time I chatted to the hairdresser I almost asked for an undercut... and then decided I wasn't brave enough.

An undercut isn't that rebellious, but it seemed like such a big deal each time I was in the hairdresser's chair. I would get super excited about the possibility of it, and then by struck by thoughts like - I'm in a client-facing job! I can't shave my bloody head!... I won't suit it!... it'll be a TOTAL pain to grow out... I'm too much of a scruff to pull it off.

Well, whatever, wimpy me. Yes, it will probably be a nightmare to grow out, and  there was definitely the possibility that it wouldn't suit me (I am plagued by a weak chin, sob), but hair does grow. And as for my job? I'm well aware that appearance has a depressing role in how people view you, but my ability to do my job is not challenged by my hair, thankyouverymuch.

So I went back to Dean Jones Hairdressing (as I had been so impressed by my last visit) and got the chop.


My hairdresser was really great, and talked about how to incorporate it into my current style, so I could still wear my hair up or down, however I liked. She suggested keeping the shaved section in a soft shape round my ear to start, so that I could take more off next time if I wanted (I'd explained my big wimpy journey up until this point).

I know it's not that different, but it felt like a big step for me! Over the last year I've really started to understand that actually life is completely up to you. If you want something, the only person stopping you (or making excuses) is yourself. And on this occasion, that 'something' might just be hair, but it's an exciting thought to have.

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Summer update

Hello! It's been a while, hasn't it?

I've been trying to write about why I took a break from blogging this summer, but really, what does it matter? The sun has been out, friends have been wonderful, adventures have been had, and taking the time to blog just wasn't a priority. But I miss writing here! So, here's an attempt to get back into a bit of a routine, with a big summer update.

1. Somehow Scotland seems to have lucked out, and has actually had proper summer weather this year. Scottish behaviour dictates that you MUST go outside at any hint of sunshine... even if terrifying clouds like this are approaching!

2. My best girl was working in Scotland on a film, which meant we were able to sneak in some quality pal time while she was up. If London and Edinburgh could be a little bit closer, that would be great.

3. A lovely wee florist set up a stall at Stockbridge market, and I couldn't resist treating myself to this £3 bargain (which lasted for weeks!).

4. The Science Festival had a summer party sports day, which basically was a big excuse to dress up (in headbands and bunches, obv), wear neon war paint, and drink gin in a field.

5. I was such a wimp about doing organised sport though, so I whinged about it loads in the run up, and then ended up having a super fun time (I'm aware that I'm a total nightmare). I was then given a rosette, which really just encouraged my bad behaviour, but I do like it a lot!

6. Josh & his flatmates organised a barbecue, and the very best bit was this beautiful ice flower bowl that Lucy made. It was heaped with fresh summer fruits and just was the most stunning thing!

7. Google #City Experts held another party, this time in the beautiful Signet Library. It was set up as an indoor picnic, so it had amazing picnic baskets, giant garden gnomes, and flowers hanging from the ceiling.

8. I live next to a massive park, and it's been lovely to spend so much of this summer reading outside. The Island is a book I picked up from a tiny lifeboat shop on the Isle of Mull, when we went adventuring across Scotland earlier this summer. It's by the author who wrote Jaws, and it's pretty creepy.

9. Sometimes I have to remind myself that I am 28, and shouldn't really paint fruit on my nails. But then I did it anyway, because it's summer!

10. Have you heard of Lucky Dip Club yet? It's a seriously cute service that sends surprise personalised packages to you each month. These days the only post I ever get is bills (or spam), so fox badges (and other super cute surprises) are very welcome!

11. I didn't ever get round to sorting out curtains for my flat, and have now totally embraced curtain-free living. I actually think I sleep so much better now... I wake up with natural light and birds singing, and absolutely love being able to look at the stars while I lie in bed. The new (slightly ridiculous) addition to my room is my massive flowers, which I helped myself to (with vague permission) from Google's picnic party.

12. And then it was August! The world's biggest arts festival rolled into town, and life got even busier...

13. One of my favourite fringe things to do is Late n Live - the Gilded Balloon show that starts at 1am, runs until 5am, and is always ridiculous and hilarious (and knackering!). You can't make any plans for the following day, but it's so worth it!

14. Hot Dub Time Machine is turning into a fringe favourite too! It's a dance party that takes you through the decades, and it's so much fun. The day after going to Hot Dub was slightly less fun though... I'd been dancing until 4am, and then had to get up to go to a lunchtime gin event the next day (urggghhh).

15. The very wonderful Book Festival ran this month too, which gave me loads of excuses to hang out in the beautiful Charlotte Square gardens.

16. Ladybird Likes is a designer who makes nice things for nice people. She was looking for phrases to put on her new range of banner necklaces & picked my idea, so I got one as a gift, and I love it! They'll be on sale in her shop soon, alongside all her other ace wooden accessories and jewellery.

17. Sometimes work can be stressful (deadlines are never fun, are they?), but sometimes we play with GIANT BUBBLES. How cool is this? It turns out the secret to making amazing giant bubbles is actually a bit mucky. Who knew.

18. One of the best things about August is that everyone comes out to play, and there's so many chances to hang out with wonderful people. Here are some of those wonderpals.

19. Taking a break from fringe fun... it was my friend Emma's birthday, so Joshua and I baked her this epic summer fruits cake. We then couldn't fit it in a cake carrier, so had to go on a slightly perilous cake adventure, but it all arrived to the birthday girl in one piece!

20. I chopped my hair! I'll blog about this in a bit more detail, because this hair cut feels a bit more rebellious than normal for me, but basically, I got an undercut and I bloody love it. I think everyone should shave their head now. It feels so good!

21. Thanks to tactical team ticket buying, I managed to get a ticket to THE book fest event of the summer - George R. R. Martin talking about Game of Thrones! It was really, really great. He chatted loads about what inspired the books (Scotland is definitely up there!), about how he writes female characters so well (basically not being an idiotic sexist writer, but realising that female characters are actually human), and fan theories, and how they affect his writing now. It was so interesting!

22. At the end of August, we went to Doune the Rabbit Hole, a lovely wee festival near Stirling. Obviously, that meant I had to wear flowers in my hair...

23. ... and explore this beautiful countryside. As well as all of the music and activities the festival offered, Josh & I went off adventuring a few times. We clambered over hills, discovered loads of tree swings, paddled in streams (with tiny fish that nibbled our feet), and on our last morning, got up for a swim in the FREEZING river. It was such a nice way to end a manic month.

24. AND when we were there, I had a go at fire hooping! This time last year I couldn't keep up a hula hoop for more than ten seconds, so hooping with actually flames (that made terrifying swooshing noises, and were seriously hot) was so scary/exciting!

So that's my summer. There were many days where things were a bit lazier (and less interesting to photograph), but all of the moments - busy, calm, sunny, or drizzley - were exactly how I wanted to spend my time. I feel like I was able to take this summer on my own terms, which I didn't have last year, and that makes me all sorts of content.

I hope you all had good summers too. I'll be back. x

Thursday, 10 July 2014

The Edinburgh Secret Society

Shhhhh. The Edinburgh Secret Society are back, and have just announced that they have two secret (and, amazingly, free!) events coming up...

The Edinburgh Secret Society organise events for those of a curious disposition. They pop up every now and again in some of Edinburgh's quirkiest and unusual venues, and host nights that can be verbal, theatrical and experimental - all designed to inform, entertain and bewilder. Audiences are sworn not to reveal a single detail about the evening, but I can promise you that it's super fun, definitely worth getting a ticket for, and not quite as intensely weird as it might appear.

The first, on July 15th, is EXPERMENTAL - a preview of Richard Wiseman's new Fringe show. It promises to be a show like no other, because it doesn't have a performer... and you'll be taken through a series of psychological experiements to make you laugh, gasp and scream. I'm not sure what that means really, but Richard Wiseman is always excellent and very, very worth seeing.

The second, on July 16th, will be a preview of Peter Lamont's new show, THINKING OUTSIDE THE BRAIN (I'm spotting a previewy theme here). It promises to let you "actually get to think outside your brain" which makes no sense to me, but it's the Secret Society! It's going to be a bit weird, but it'll be bloody good too, and that's what's important.

As these are preview nights (and because the ESS are dead nice), the events are free - you pay £5 to buy a ticket, and you'll be given your £5 back on arrival. Tickets are onsale here at 10am on Friday 11th July (that's tomorrow!) and you'll need to be quick - the last event sold out in THREE minutes.
Monday, 7 July 2014

Fruity wishlist

My work recently moved offices, placing me about five minutes away from a big shopping centre - super handy if I need to grab something from the shops quickly, but not so good if I'm trying to save money!

Anyway, I was walking past New Look, trying to avoid actually going in, when I saw the cutest watermelon clutch bag in the window. They didn't have it in stock, so I tracked it down online, realised it had been out for AGES (I am so late to the party), and discovered that there was a whole world of fruity goodness out there.

So, this is an excuse to gather up all of the super-cute, probably-shouldn't-be-worn-at-the-same-time, fruity things that you can buy right now. I want them all!

Top row

Middle row

Bottom row

Thursday, 3 July 2014

June instagram

Summer seems to be here, hooray! Here's what I got up to in a (surprisingly) sunny June.

Instagram username: eversojuliet
1. I only started eating fish last year (because I was a massive wimp before), so it's really exciting getting to try out new things. Sushi is my new favourite thing - food that looks pretty and tastes amazing is the very best thing.

2. We moved into our new work offices, which means we've started pulling out all the fun things that the Science Festival has in storage, to decorate our space. This is an anatomical heart map of Edinburgh that Joshua designed (ain't he clever).

3. I met up with my lovely pal Muzzy, for a night of sunshiney pints. Muzz had just discovered snapchat... which meant we sent the most ridiculous photos all night. Sorry pals!

4. After years of owning a bike and not really using it, I have totally embraced cycling and I am loving sunny bike rides (I've changed). It means I'm getting to see new parts of Edinburgh too, like this lovely spot.

5. I was invited to Ishi to try out some festival hairstyles, and it was a total treat to sit and get my hair played with for an afternoon. This was one of my favourite styles - my hair is braided really tightly at the back. I will post proper photos from that day very soon!

6. The ever-brilliant Edinburgh International Book Festival launched their programme, and it looks like a pretty good year! I am the luckiest of pups and managed to get George R.R. Martin tickets (!) as well as tickets to Patrick Ness & Charlie Adlard.

7. One of my favourite parties in the summer is The List's Midsummer Party (aka the pig party!). It's all about eating roast pork, drinking gin, and standing in a beautiful sunshiney courtyard. Lovely, lovely stuff.

8. I took a couple of days off this month for a bit of at-home adventuring, and was so lucky to get totally glorious weather! We went on a trip to the beach for a bit of cycling (told you, I love my bike), tree climbing, paddling, picnicing, and lazy sunshine book reading. SO GOOD.

9. Then the next day was long, lazy breakfasts, followed by Botanical Garden exploring, and barbecues. Summer is off to an excellent start.

10. This is my adventure partner-in-crime. I have recently discovered that he is one of four people in the world who actually like Aperol Spritz, but other than that, he's all sorts of good.

11. I'm still obsessed with plants (it will never end) and have recently branched out into carnivorous ones. Turns out, it is WEIRDLY TERRIFYING to repot a venus fly trap. They move! They try to bite you! Ahhhhh.

12. I've also remembered that painting is fun. Pretty pleased with my cat, not so much with my hand. Still, practice makes perfect!