Thursday, 23 October 2014

Bambi/deer makeup

Recently the nice folk at Boohoo got in touch, asking me to put together a Halloween look for their blog. I'm a Halloween loser, so obviously I said yes - & I'm pretty pleased with what I came up with, so I'm sharing it here too!

I'm a big fan of scary Halloween makeup, but sometimes you just don't want to cover yourself in fake blood and look disgusting. Instead, here's a cute Bambi-inspired look, that uses items you're likely to have in your makeup bag already.

You'll need the following:
  • white eyeshadow
  • brown eyeshadow
  • bronzer
  • white eyeliner
  • liquid black eyeliner
  • mascara
  • false eyelashes

Start by using the white eyeshadow to make a mask-shape over your eyes and down the bridge of your nose. You want the white to be quite bright, so apply with your fingers and layer on the colour.

Then use a brush to brush the bronzer all over your face, blending where it meets the white shadow on your cheeks and forehead.

Use a small makeup applicator to brush the bronzer down the sides of your nose. Use a brown eyeshadow (I used an eyeshadow pencil) to colour in your brows.

Still using the dark brown shadow, add it to the sides of your nose and to your cheekbones (blending with your fingers). You don't want any harsh lines with this look, so just keep blending until it looks nice and natural (Halloween-natural, that is).

Use white eyeliner to dot spots on your cheeks.

Get your black eyeliner and draw on a cute doe nose. I used liquid eyeliner for this, but if you aren't used to using this, a kohl pencil might be easier.

Now move onto your eyes! Use the dark brown shadow on your lid, then use liquid eyeliner to make a large cat's eye. On your lower lash, line the inside corner of the eye, and bring the liner down in a little flick. Use short strokes for this, and if necessary - use a pencil first, then go over with liquid liner.

Put on false eyelashes and mascara.

And that's it! I gathered some twigs and used a hairband to slot them into my hair - you can either wear your hair down and messy, or tie your hair into little ear-like buns. This makeup would be really cute with a polka dot brown dress, or a vintage-inspired tea dress.

I hope you like that! If you're looking for more Halloween-inspiration, check out the other looks on Boohoo's blog or take a scroll through all of my other Halloween posts. Have fun!

Friday, 17 October 2014


It's been ages since I last posted an outfit post, so I thought I'd show you what I'm currently wearing (literally - I dragged one of my team outside to take these photos for me about ten minutes ago. I am such a cool boss).

Coat - Peacocks
Jeans - Topshop
Boots - Oasis (from ASOS)

I have spent most of the summer in a state of surprise as it was actually warm enough to go without tights or a jacket for WEEKS and WEEKS on end (a bit of a rarity in Scotland!). This made the transition to Autumn even harder - I find it impossible to dress for sort-of-warm but mainly-kinda-chilly days!

But, thankfully, the weird inbetweeny weather didn't last long, and the cold edge of winter has started to creep in. Which means goodbye to my lone autumn blazer (which I wore so much it now is falling apart at the seams), and hello to proper winter coats!

I bought this coat on a total whim from Peacocks years ago, wore it twice, then threw it in the back of a cupboard and completely forgot about it - not even noticing it when I packed up my clothes and moved house earlier this year (mainly because my strategy for packing clothes was to bundle everything into massive sacks, and hope for the best). Then this month I discovered it hidden in the back of a wardrobe, and fell firmly in coat love!

It's slightly too big for me, probably needs a dry clean as it's been abandoned for so long, and is in need of new buttons, but I love it! I feel like I'm about to adventure off to Narnia, or that I'd fit right in on Game of Thrones - the (fake!) fur collar is super Catelyn Stark!

Wednesday, 15 October 2014


It's been a while since I wrote a Book Love post, so here's what I've been reading lately...

It has taken me years, and a few false starts, but I have finally caught the Discworld bug and I am OBSESSED. I keep trying to read other books, but it's a struggle, and I'm somehow always left, Pratchett in hand.

They are the kind of books I wish I had read when I was wee (but I am very glad I have found them now!). They're funny and filled with a whole world of brilliant, complex, awful and insane characters. It's fantasy, yes, but it's fantasy that isn't afraid to laugh at itself, and is just so ruggedly brilliant and brave and honest that you frequently have to stop to re-read sentences - each book seems to be scattered with phrases that sum up the human condition and life just SO perfectly, it's almost a punch to the gut.

So, no matter your age, or the type of books you'd normally read, or if reading ain't usually your thing (whaaaa?), I'd hugely recommend you take a look at Discworld. I was recommended to skip the first few books (early works that can be a bit tricky to get into), so do that, and start with Wyrd Sisters - one of the witches books, which you can currently buy for ONE PENCE on Amazon (or for mega cheap in any second hand bookshop). One pence! I promise it's worth it.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Creepy doll makeup

Next up in my halloween tutorial series... how to turn yourself into a creepy doll!

You'll need the following:
  • Pale foundation
  • Bright pink blusher
  • Pink eyeshadows
  • White eyeliner
  • Red lipstick
  • Black eyeliner
  • Mascara
  • Two sets of false eyelashes
  • Thin strip of ribbon

To start, put on foundation and cover up any blemishes. Use a super pink blusher and build it up until you have very bright pink circles on your cheeks.

Use a black eyeliner (I used an Urban Decay pen, which is great!) and draw three large dots on each cheek.

Use pink eyeshadows to make a soft smokey eye (I used colours from a Sleek palette). Then use a white eyeliner pencil to colour in underneath your eye - this will create the illusion that you have massive doll eyes. 

Underline the white with a thin black line. Again, I used a pen-type eyeliner for this, but liquid or pencil liner will work as well.

Place false eyelashes along the black line. At this stage I also tidied up my eyebrows and added another set of false lashes to my top eyelids.

Use bright red lipstick to create a doll-shaped mouth.

Then to make your doll face even creepier, use the lipstick to mark out several cuts across your face.

Dab the cuts with some black eyeshadow, just to make them look a little grungier.

Take your ribbon and cut it into small strips. Use eyelash glue to stick these to across the cuts to make stitches! A thick thread would be even better for this, but I just improvised with what I had in my flat. A tip for sticking it on - glue one end, attach to your face, then glue the other end. Much easier than trying to do it all at once!

And there you have it! I like the stitch effect, but you might prefer to go without, so here's how they both look. Practise doing big doll eyes, put your hair in big bunches or plaits, and wear with a lacey cream dress.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014


Ever since I started watching the new series of Doctor Who, I have been OBSESSED with Clara's wardrobe. It's just so good! She's got satchels and peter pan collars and tartan and adorable patterns and chunky boots and I want it all.

So, because I've been full of jealousy over her wardrobe, I've put together a wishlist of Clara-esque things. I've just paid for a holiday, so I very, very much shouldn't be buying things (other than bikinis!), but I'm pretty sure I need that tartan cape, right? And those collar clips? And possibly that jumper? Ahhh...!

Top row

Middle row

Bottom row
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