Friday 10 May 2013

Star Trek nail art

It's been a while since I've posted nail art, I've been bad! I've been wearing slightly more sensible designs on my fingertips since changing jobs (you really have to work out the lay of the land before turning up with panda nails) but in celebration of Star Trek coming out this week, here's some sci-fi nails!

Models Own - Feeling blue | Black magic | Red alert | Lemon meringue | Barry M - Black glitter (np333)

It's probably worth pointing out that this is NOT my hand - it is the much more manly hand of my pal Joshua, who has become my partner in nail polish crime (he had kawaii animals painted on his nails last month, which you can see in April's instagram post).

I grew up watching Star Trek with my dad, who would definitely not call himself a Trekkie, but did sneak into a Star Trek convention in Las Vegas with me (a fun day, sorry security guards!). I love it because I've watched it my whole life, but I'm also a HUGE fan of the new movies... I like that Star Trek is so cool these days!

Anyway, this design is pretty simple. There's a whole world of potential designs out there, but we stuck with the colours of the crew uniforms, a spacey-warp-speed thumb (it glitters) and, obviously, the Starfleet logo. I mainly used Models Own polishes as they are always so lovely and reliable, I highly recommend them! For the finer detail I used an old liquid eyeliner brush dipped in polish - much cheaper than a nail art pen and it won't run out or clog up!

Live long and paint nails...


  1. This is so awesome! LLAP Juliet! xxx

  2. Dude...... so rad.. I wish I had this much talent. Love it.

  3. This looks amazing, this brings a new meaning to "geek chick" looks good chickadee
    Little Blonde Life


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