Monday 6 May 2013

JOY dresses

I have a dangerous weak spot for JOY. We all know JOY right? A quirky fashion & homeware shop that sells the most BEAUTIFUL dresses. And skirts. And jumpers with cats on them.

It's lucky that the two Edinburgh stores are a little bit out of my way, otherwise I would be seriously out of pocket (albeit with a very lovely wardrobe). Most JOY dresses sit around the £35 - £60 mark which is very reasonable when you think about the quality & loveliness of what you are getting... but makes it harder to justify when you are a bit skint & just in a "I like new things!" state of mind.

Still, I treated myself this week to the first dress on this wishlist & VERY almost bought the second one, but put it back because it was £49 & I am trying to be good. If you EVER ever see it go on sale you MUST tell me though - it was so perfectly Mad Men I am kicking myself for not getting it!

Top row

Bottom row

Love them! (& obviously love blue at the moment too). 


  1. They are all so beautiful. I think I like the Zaza bird print dress the most.

  2. Great choices! I have the Rajaa dress and it's definitely one of my favourites. Fits really well and is great quality :) I love Joy xx

  3. I love that color dress in cute color. I hope I will find something similar in Vera Wang bridesmaid dresses collection that I am going to browse today with my mom.


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