Friday 13 January 2012

Totoro kindle cover

Apologies for the two kindle-related posts in a row, but this arrived in the post today & ahh, I couldn't resist!


It's a Totoro kindle case! (Who, if you're not a Studio Ghibli fan, is from My Neighbour Totoro). 

Look at the whiskers!

I got it from Rabbit Smile's etsy shop, and it's just perfect! It's lined inside too so I don't need to worry about the safety of my kindle when I am just chucking my bag around (a very bad habit). 

The shop also has cases from iphones & ipads and they are AMAZING. Look at that pug! & the kindle cases are only £16 (which is very reasonable, considering how ridiculously cute they are).


  1. Ohmygosh this is the cutest thing ever! I fell in love with that pug cover, it's too cute for words. x

  2. I *must* have the Pug case! :)

  3. Oh my gosh! I LOVE these!! The owl is gorgeous, but he pug is a definite must. I am browsing this shop as soon as I click 'Post Comment'!
    Gorgeous blog, New Follower! :) :) xx

    1. I really want a pug one - but I think more than one kindle cover is a bit excessive! Thanks for following x

  4. Ooooh I love all the cases, Totoro is the cutest :3
    Love your blog am now following :)

    franky @


  5. OMG. I'm totaly getting one of these, don't know wether to get Pug or Owl!

  6. Oh I love the totoro... and I have a friend who's got a thing for pugs so I'm thinking future present :)

  7. I am looking for a kindle cover for my kindle which will arrive in the mail in a day or two. Found etsy very cute and reasonable for hand made kindle covers. Following you now! ^_^. I haven't decided which kindle cover I want from etsy but I will order one once I have my kindle in my hands :p.


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