Wednesday 4 January 2012

Back to work

Well, it's been a pretty glorious two weeks. It feels like I've been off work for AGES and despite committing LOADS of holiday time to a set formula of watching movies/chilling out/eating toblerones, I've actually been a bit productive!

It was my birthday and I had two nights out with lovely friends (drinks, dancing, fun!). Then all of a sudden it was Christmas, and Craig & I were travelling across Scotland to see both our families, swap presents and eat loads of tasty food. I watched all Lord of the Rings films in one day after watching the Hobbit trailer, and watched both Deathly Hallows films in a row (with a bit of longing to go back to the wizarding world of Harry Potter). 

I started my New Year resolution a little early by learning how to roast a chicken, and I've already started on future house preparation by priming & painting an ikea bookcase (more on this later!).

So it's been a good run. I've pretty much exhausted sky movies, and I am looking forward to catching up with my work pals. Not looking forward to waking up early though. Secretly I just want to copy Riley and just hide under a duvet...

& tuck myself further under the cover if I think someone is likely to try and move me.

Thank goodness for cups of tea!


  1. Aww kitty! I can't wait to use your technique for roasting a chicken, for some reason I stupidly never thought of roasting the veg with it before...doh!


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