Monday 9 January 2012

Strawberry nails

January is so cold and grey (and a bit boring) so I am attempting to brighten myself up with this nail art - strawberries!

I used Models Own top turquoise and 17 pink grapefruit (which I'm pretty sure came in one of the free gift sets they do all the time). I am pleased with how well they go together!

To do this, just paint your nails as normal with the pink polish and let that dry. Then I used a white nail art pen to draw on the zig zagged bit (where the green was to go), let that dry and then paint over the white very carefully. Painting a white base first really helps the green colour stand out from the pink background.. it's worth taking five minutes to do this!

I am going to make more of an effort to fix up my dry cuticles this year, and have started by buying Lemony Flutter from Lush (along with half their sale stock, eep). I've read loads of reviews absolutely raving about it, so I have pretty high hopes - although I've not noticed much yet. We shall see!


  1. Your nail art is so cute, looking at these would definitely brighten up my day!

    Gillian x

  2. Thank you! They are definitely working already... I am feeling much more spring-like today x

  3. goodness, these are adorable! I'm SO wishing for spring and summer these days, I'm all for looking for creative ways to brighten your day!

  4. I love strawberry nails, and yours are great!


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