Tuesday 24 January 2012

Black Swan in 60 seconds

Something a little different today! My lovely pals Jude, Murray and Niki are taking part in Empire's Done in 60 Seconds, where you remake a film in under a minute (the clue's in the name, I guess).

Grace and elegance.

They've gone for Black Swan and you can see why... Muzza has ballerina written all over him! All of the competition films are up online, and the finalists (top five with the most votes, I believe) get sent down to London to battle it out.. with the winners going to the Empire Movie Awards!

If you'd like to help my friends out then all you have to do is watch their film (which is here!) and click LIKE on the video. I am obviously totally biased, but it is really funny!

p.s. maybe don't watch this if you haven't actually seen Black Swan... it is spoilerific!


  1. Ha ha, love it! The final costume and the falling scene made laugh... well done them!

    1. Thanks for watching it. Apparently that's the same way the falling scene is done in the actual film.. very clever!

  2. Haha, the end fall is definitely my favourite!


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