Wednesday 24 August 2011

Using curling tongs

Now, I know that being able to curl your hair isn't a big deal. Loads of people do it. Probably every day. But I've never been able to, and it's been such a bother as my hair naturally wants to curl (but always looks like I've been hanging out in a hedge if I let it dry naturally). I feel a bit cheated.

The reason this is a big deal for me is because FOUR YEARS ago my very kind sister bought me curling tongs as a birthday present, and all I've ever been able to do with them is burn myself. After a few painful attempts I gave up, and they've been stashed away in my room ever since. But, aha. I am braver now with hair! So I took them out and tried again... 

It's so exciting! It's really messy and scruffy (of course) because I didn't even try to section it, just went a bit mad at any bit of hair that I could see. But look! It even curls at the back...


I think the best lesson I learned was to twist the hair round the tong from root to tip, and hold for longer than you think (15 seconds ish) on each section so it really takes the curl. Next time I try it I'll definitely be doing my hair in stages to avoid finding any forgotten bits (which happened) and try to work out how to curl my hair & keep my fringe straight, and not look like a mushroom (er. Hmm).

Still, exciting!


  1. You look so cute, like Zooey Deschanel. That is lovely hair - i am so rubbish at curling hair! x

  2. Oh wow you really have such beautiful hair!

  3. This is pretty! It takes me ages to curl my hair D:

  4. Ta. I thought it would take forever but it actually wasn't that bad! x


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