Wednesday 10 August 2011

Happy thoughts

Well, I'm having a ridiculously busy and stressful day, it is absolutely chucking it down with rain in Edinburgh & the UK news is incredibly worrying.

Stepping out of that difficult little bubble, here are some things that are keeping me happy.

1 - Edinburgh Fringe Festival!

It is taking all of my money and robbing me of sleep/roller derby/seeing my cat, but I love the festival so much. It doesn't matter that it is raining, or that I have no money, or that I'm horrendously unfit by the end of it (sorry ARRG, I'll be back soon), it's the largest arts festival in the world and it's on my doorstep!

I'm keeping a wee running tally of the shows I've seen... since Monday I've also been to Hannibal Buress (very enjoyable and BRILLIANTLY named show, the Hannibal Montanable Experience) & Pajama Men (who were really funny - highly recommended!).

2 - Magic shows

Since going to four shows in one week at the brilliant Edinburgh Magic Festival I've been hooked on magic. Luckily it's a good time for it - there are loads of magic shows in August that I want to see (Piff the Magic Dragon, Barry and Stuart, Ali Cook, James Galea and Morgan & West). Loads!

I even sit next to a wannabe magician at work (we call him Judini) so I may demand he does some card tricks to cheer me up! (That's not taking advantage of my staff.. is it?).

3 - Friends

Just brilliant.


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